The Small Nonprofit Shaking Up French Investigative Journalism

The French investigative journalism outlet Disclose made waves in 2019 by revealing the shocking extent of pedophilia in amateur sports and the widespread use of French-manufactured arms in the Yemen conflict. One of its founders tells GIJN why a reader-supported model is allowing it to exist “halfway between the media and an NGO.”

Freelancing: Funding Your Investigative Projects

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Grant funding for reporting projects is available from a variety of sources. Some funders welcome all kinds of proposals, while others seek to support specific topics. Here at the Global Investigative Journalism Network we maintain a list of grants and fellowships for international journalists. For more on Distribution, Promotion, and Freelancing, see our GIJN Guide.GIJN’s list is focused on opportunities available to journalists internationally. While grant programs offer the most direct support for reporting projects, check out the fellowship opportunities, too.

How to Minimize the Impact of COVID-19 on Your Media Business

Media managers, editors, and publishers understandably may be feeling powerless at the threat posed to media businesses globally by the coronavirus. Harlan Mandel, chief executive officer at the Media Development Investment Fund, recommends steps news executives can take to limit the losses they are facing and to give direction to their business decisions.