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Fundraising money growth

Guide Fundraising Sustainability

Introduction to Fundraising for Investigative Journalism

The funding process is similar to investigative journalism: you must write a compelling narrative that makes the reader understand the importance of your work — and the need to fund it. In this guide, GIJN offers you detailed advice to grow your donor base. 


And Now Some Words for Our Sponsors: GIJN Launches Tips for Donors

Donors and prospective donors encounter not only difficult strategic choices, but also questions about how to measure the impact of their investments. These recent reports collected by GIJN delve into the social value of such philanthropy, assess programmatic options and provide measurement tools.


8 Ways to Increase Donations with Gift Ladders

For non-profit media routinely engaged in fundraising, developing a stream of individual gift-giving is important. Here’s good advice on how to build and market a “gift ladder” — a series of donation levels that goes from quite to modest to major grants. 

News & Analysis

Secrets to Fundraising: A Great Cause and Plenty of Courage

One of the most common things you hear people say when you tell them what you do for a living is “Oh, I hate fundraising! I could NEVER do that for living!” Nice. Yes, there are all kinds of fun responses we can think of. But what it tells us over and over again is that fundraising is widely perceived as something dirty, ethically challenged, or at least uncomfortable. People think that talking to someone about their own money is akin to talking to them about sex, politics, or religion. It’s not.