How Membership Saved Chile’s Investigative Newsroom CIPER

In a GIJC21 session on business models for investigative journalism, panelist Claudia Urquieta from Chile’s CIPER shared how the investigative outlet started a membership program from scratch, what it takes to make this model work, and how its partners saved CIPER from an uncertain future.

Insider Access to Chinese Vaccines: A Case Study in Pandemic Corruption from Peru

In a scandal known as ‘Vacunagate,’ 487 influential people in Peru, including its president, were secretly inoculated against COVID-19 months before vaccines were approved for the public. Two investigative newsrooms in Peru found that Chinese drug makers had secretly sent thousands of ‘courtesy’ vaccine doses to several countries in South America in addition to the doses needed for clinical trials there. Editors from both told GIJN how reporters can tackle this new form of corruption.

Double Exposure: 5 documentales de periodismo de investigación para ver

El festival de cine Double Exposure muestra el trabajo creativo de reporteros y cineastas que realizan investigaciones de interés público. Desde una película filmada en las salas del hospital de Wuhan hasta una investigación sobre el asesinato de un miembro de la familia gobernante de Corea del Norte, aquí hay una lista con cinco de los principales documentales de investigación presentados en el festival de este año.