От Восточной Европы до Центральной Азии: лучшие расследования 2018 года на русском и украинском языках

В этом году журналисты раскрыли масштабные мошенничества, коррупцию, и даже шпионские заговоры и убийства. Региональный редактор GIJN Ольга Симанович подготовила обзор самых интересных, сложных, уникальных или  забавных расследовательских материалов, опубликованных на русском или украинском в 2018 году.

Most Popular Stories on GIJN This Year

It’s been an exciting year of great content and record traffic on GIJN. What follows is a curated list we’ve put together of the top pieces published on gijn.org in 2018 — from the deep web and deep fakes to design thinking and dataviz. See you next year!

Document of the Day: Bellingcat’s Open Source Digital Forensics Tools

Bellingcat, a UK-based open source and social media investigation site, put together a seriously impressive comprehensive list of open source verification and research tools. It includes satellite and mapping services, tools for verifying photos and videos, websites to archive hyperlinks and much more. Dig in!

Secrets to Searching for Video Footage

Verifying videos is important, but first you have to find them. This Bellingcat guide will provide advice and some tips on how to gather as much video as possible on a particular event, whether it is videos from witnesses of a natural disaster or a terrorist attack.

Advanced Guide on Verifying Video Content

Verifying video materials should be a routine part of reporting, but knowing how to use the digital tools to verify fake content is just one part of the skill. The creative techniques behind video verification are even more important.