Cash Handling undercover reporting

GIJN’s Guide to Undercover Reporting

Across the world undercover investigations have produced incredible, impactful stories. In countries without public record transparency rules or strong source protection laws, such sting operations can sometimes be an important tool for journalists to reveal public interest stories. Read GIJN’s guide to going undercover, covering everything from best practices to pitfalls and ethical considerations.

How Open Source Experts Identified the US Capitol Rioters

Open source investigation teams around the world sprang into action as they watched a pro-Trump mob violently storm the US Capitol on January 6. A senior investigator with Bellingcat told GIJN how his team was able to scrape and preserve hundreds of social media videos from the attack, and shared ten tips on how any reporter can grab visual evidence during breaking news events.

What to Watch: DIG’s Investigative Documentary Shortlist

The jury for the DIG Awards – an annual celebration of the best investigative documentaries made around the world – has revealed the films and programs that have made it onto the annual shortlist. The final awards will be given as part of DIG’s festival, which is taking place in the historic city of Modena in northern Italy this week.