C чего начать расследование COVID-19: советы экспертов

История о коронавирусе – вероятно, самая главная история 2020 года, и будет ею ещё много лет. На что обратить внимание, рассказывая о здравоохранении или науке, об обществе, политике и экономике в эпоху пандемии – советуют всемирно известные журналисты.

COVID-19: Expert Advice on Investigative Angles

With the extraordinary measures being taken to counter the coronavirus outbreak, the work of investigative journalists scrutinizing abuses of power and exploitation of the vulnerable has never been more vital. Amid the fast-unfolding crisis, where should investigative reporters begin? GIJN asked leading journalists in our community for their advice to investigative reporters around the world.

Why South Africa’s Pioneering Investigative Nonprofit is Supporting Other Regional Start-Ups

A small nonprofit investigative newsroom played an outsized role in the removal of South Africa’s president and his corrupt inner circle last year. Now, amaBhungane is building a separate hub to help new investigative start-ups throughout southern Africa. Rowan Philp writes about the newsroom and its latest initiative for GIJN’s new series about its members.