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Top Ten #DDJ: This Week’s Top Data Journalism

What’s the global #ddj community tweeting about? Our NodeXL mapping from July 3 to July 9 has @paulbradshaw with his top picks for data journalism stories for audio, @br_data and @BR_Recherche with a podcast on the tax haven of Madeira, and @EngnRoom with an introductory guide to investigative web research.

Let’s Hear It for Data Journalism

Paul Bradshaw from Birmingham City University lines up his greatest hits for data journalism on audio and radio from his MA in Data Journalism.

Money Island

The podcast Money Island explores the remote Atlantic island of Madeira, a tax haven. It’s a project of BR Data and BR Recherche .

Stacked or Unstacked?

Geoff McGhee‘s series of interactive graphs and maps about California’s move toward renewable energies shows, according to Alberto Cairo, that when the total is more relevant than the parts, a stacked graph may be the best choice.

Infographics for the People

In Graphics, a showcase of information graphics, is preparing to launch its tenth issue. The publication is the vision of Jan Schwochow, head of Infographics Group (formerly Golden Section Graphics), based in Berlin.

Investigative Web Research Guide

The Engine Room just launched an introductory guide to investigative web research. The guide is designed for researchers, activists and journalists who collect online information about people, entities or events.

The Problem with Data Teams

The first Global Data Journalism survey studied the current state of data journalism in newsrooms across the globe, quizzing 181 respondents from 43 countries. It found young reporters had little training in data-oriented fields like statistics and coding and that only 11 percent of them had worked for over 20 years as journalists.

The Guardian’s Data Team

Here’s an inside look at how the “aggressively collaborative” data team at The Guardian worked recent elections in the UK, the Panama Papers, knife crimes and the cost of housing.

The Times During Election Time

The Times’ Basile Simon gives a breakdown on how they worked the elections – and what they’ll do differently next time around.

Dublin Data Conference

If you didn’t make it to Dublin for the Data and Computational Journalism Conference earlier this month, here’s a peek at the conference proceedings.

Global Refugee Flow

The creative folks at Explorables made a hypnotic graph of the UNHCR data of refugee movement from 2000 to 2015.

Thanks, once again, to Marc Smith of Connected Action for gathering the links and graphing them.

For a look at Marc Smith’s mapping on #ddj on Twitter, check out this map.

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