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Sustainability: Introduction

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Nonprofit journalism has been steadily growing for almost 20 years for well-rehearsed reasons including the collapse of traditional business models, sweeping technological change and a commitment to support serious journalism despite the crisis in the industry.

In this Resource Center, GIJN explores strategies to keep in-depth journalism alive around the world.

Fortunately, donor support for journalism is growing. This creates new opportunities, but also requires strategies for getting and maintaining such funding. For donors, moving into this area presents special challenges, covered in our “tips for donors” section.

In addition, entrepreneurial journalism organizations are innovating. They are using multiple models to engage and attract readers and earn revenue in traditional and nontraditional ways. These activities include the use of subscriptions and memberships, crowd-funding, reader outreach, holding events, using social media, advertising and much more.

Sustainability is a constant struggle in a constantly changing information environment. This GIJN Resource Center covers the challenges, opportunities and innovations from many vantage points, bringing to bear the viewpoints and knowledge of numerous experts.

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Our categories are:


Read a selection of the most relevant and substantive articles and reports that examine and analyze the state of nonprofit journalism.


This is a vitally important topic for nonprofits. Our resource includes a primer on prospecting and donor cultivation and other articles about fundraising.


Connecting with readers in many new and creative ways, assisted by social media, can grow audiences and revenues. Read practical advice from editors at the forefront of audience engagement.


No getting around it, earning revenue remains vital, and it’s being done in old and new ways. Experts here explore the challenges of advertising, paywalls, subscriptions and membership, syndication, publishing partnerships, rights sales, and more.


Many creative alternatives exist to support investigative journalism. These include teaching, training, newsletters, podcasts, events, micropayments, syndication and publishing partnerships, blockchain and cryptocurrency, selling data, web design, video production and more.


Now a staple for supporting investigative journalism, crowdfunding requires careful planning and proper implementation. Learn how to do it based on lessons from those who have tried it.


Measuring the impact of investigative journalism has become increasingly relevant to win the support of donors, readers and other contributors. No longer something to take for granted, but easier said than done. See how it’s done.

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