Demonstrating Investigative Impact: Essential Reading

Investigative journalism shines a light into dark corners of human, corporate and government behaviour and prompts corrective action and so, better societies. Yet it is hard to prove this impact – increasingly necessary as donors want to know the impact of the work they sponsor. Here are ways to show and measure your value, and most effectively communicate it:

12 Tips on Reaching More People and Getting Bigger Impact on Investigative Stories

GIJN’s Investigative Impact Project

Investigative Impact: A Report on Best Practices in Measuring the Impact of Investigative Reporting

Media Impact Funders research database

Media Impact Tools

Best Practices in Measuring the Impact of Investigative Reporting 

Can We Measure Media Impact? Surveying the Field

Measuring Impact: A Forum on Tools and Resources 

How to Use Metrics that Matter

Big Impact: A Pocket-Guide to the Financial Benefits of Major Investigations

The Impact Field Guide, by Doc Society, a non-profit foundation – mainly aimed at filmmakers, more chapter on distribution for impact and measuring impact make it more broadly useful.