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Chapter 1: Women in Leadership

​​Journalism as an industry has been a lonely place for women, and investigative journalism even more so. This has been the consensus at the session titled “Women and Investigative Journalism: Tips on Leadership” at the 12th Global Investigative Journalism Conference (#GIJC21). The panel was made up of editors at the helm of leading investigative journalism […]

Guide Resource

Investigating Femicide: A GIJN Guide

Femicide — the intentional murder of women because they are women — is a global problem. According to the UN’s latest estimates, 50,000 women and girls are killed each year by intimate partners or other family members. GIJN’s latest resource aims to help journalists understand what femicide is, find and understand the data available, and suggest which experts to interview.

Guide Resource

Investigating Sexual Abuse: An Updated Reporting Guide

The subject of sexual violence remains a sensitive if not taboo subject in much of the world and often goes unreported. Watchdog journalism has started digging deeper into sexual violence, but these investigations are still few relative to the estimated number of cases worldwide.

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