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GIJC23 – Cross Border Reporting: The Next Steps

Cross-border investigative reporting has come far since its early attempts in the 1980s and ’90s by a handful of nonprofits. Today’s projects are multinational efforts involving mainstream media, hundreds of journalists, and tech-savvy data analysis and security systems.


Working with Whistleblowers

Whistleblowers – insiders who expose corrupt or illegal activities – are an important source of information for journalists everywhere. From their position inside governments, companies, and other organizations, they can provide crucial leads, evidence, and sometimes “smoking guns” that expose everything from fraud and waste to criminal conspiracies and war crimes. It’s important for journalists […]

Chapter Guide Resource

Chapter 6: Female Experts

Women experts are severely underrepresented in media output around the world, many studies show. Working to include a balance of male and female experts could help shift the current paradigm. The BBC 50:50 Project begun in 2018 involves record-keeping to show the proportion of women appearing in BBC radio, TV, and online content. GIJN has compiled […]


Guides to Finding Expert Sources

Looking for sources? Finding experts in a particular field is a good place to start for many stories. GIJN took a look at various guides to expert sources. After cutting those that are outdated, too specialized, or tools of the PR industry, we found a handful worth consulting. Here are six services with functioning, reliable databases used by journalists searching for expert sources.


Investigative Journalism Organizations

Here are nonprofit and related organizations worldwide that work in support of investigative journalism, listed by region. It is a diverse group that includes nonprofit newsrooms, online publishers, professional associations, NGOs, training institutes, and academic centers in nearly 50 countries. For inclusion, GIJN applied the following criteria: the group is structured as a nonprofit or […]

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