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Doc of the Day: 2023 Global Organized Crime Index

This week, GITOC released its second worldwide assessment, the 2023 Global Organized Crime Index, a eight-chapter report that found economic crises and political realignment have fueled global organized crime, which preys on the resulting civic instability, financial vulnerability, and shortage of food, fuel, and other commodities.

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Online Research Guide with Henk van Ess

Online research expert Henk van Ess has created a seven-chapter guide that offers reporters step-by-step instructions on how to use social media search to perform investigations of people and subjects and he’s also created a detailed tutorial on using facial recognition technology and best practices for putting these tools together in verifying claims online.

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GIJN Reporter’s Guide to Investigating Digital Threats

GIJN’s Reporter’s Guide to Investigating Digital Threats gives expert advice from journalists and security analysts who are covering and working against the latest manipulation threats, including disinformation, malware, spyware, and trolling. The guide is part of an ongoing Digital Threats project, in which GIJN is working with Craig Silverman and a group of cutting-edge specialist […]


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2023 Global Investigative Journalism Conference
19–22 September 2023

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Around the World

Journalists Targeted by Drone Strike While Working in Ukraine

Source: CPJ

One journalist was injured and two others had their reporting equipment destroyed when they were targeted by a drone attack near the front lines of the war in Ukraine recently. Oleksandr Pavlov, a Ukrainian working for a Swedish TV network, fell while fleeing the incoming drone near Zaporizhzhia, injuring his left arm. His two colleagues, reporter Johan Fredriksson and photojournalist Daniel Zdolsek, escaped without harm, but their camera equipment was destroyed when the drone attacked the car they had been traveling in. "It was a direct drone attack on us,” Fredriksson told a Ukrainian news station.

US Government’s Online FOIA Portal Shutting Down

Source: MuckRock

One of the most popular tools for filing Freedom of Information (FOI) requests in the United States will be shutting down as of September 30, 2023., which had been operated by the US government's Environmental Protection Agency for more than a decade, will stop accepting new requests as of this coming weekend. Citing rising costs and administrative difficulties maintaining the data, the EPA announced a plan to wind down FOIAOnline two years ago. The US Department of Justice plans a replacement "FOIA Wizard" site, but that will not be operational until later this fall at the earliest, according to a DOJ official.

French Security Service Arrests Journalist, Raids Her Home

Source: France 24

Agents from France's domestic intelligence agency (DSGI) raided the home of journalist Ariane Lavrilleux and detained her for questioning for more than 30 hours in response to her reporting on the spy agency's role in extrajudicial killings in Africa. Lavrilleux, who works for the French media site Disclose, a GIJN member, was targeted for allegedly violating national security. She recently published a series based on secret state documents, revealing that DSGI allegedly conducted a counter-intelligence operation that led to the fatal bombing of smugglers along the Egypt - Libya border. She now has been released.

Iranian Journalist Recounts Her Arrest, Interrogation, and Two Months in Prison

Source: CPJ

Sports journalist Saeede Fathabadi, who writes under the byline Saeede Fathi, recounted her recent harassment and imprisonment by Iranian authorities. Fathi, the first female editor-in-chief of an Iranian sports magazine, had returned to Iran from her current home in Vienna to work on a documentary when the massive, nationwide protests erupted over the killing of Mahsa Amini. Not long after Fathi posted online in support of other journalists being detained, Iranian authorities stormed her parents' house and detained her for what would turn out to be a "breathtakingly hard" two-month stint in the notorious Evin Prison.

Pegasus Spyware Targeted CEO of Exiled Russian Media Site Meduza

Source: Access Now

According to an investigation by Access Now and the University of Toronto's Citizen Lab, the CEO and publisher of a Russian independent media site had her phone infected with NSO Group's Pegasus spyware. Galina Timchenko, who runs Meduza in exile from Latvia, reportedly had her iPhone targeted for hacking just two weeks after her site was branded a "undesirable organization" by the Kremlin in response to critical coverage of President Vladimir Putin and Russia's invasion of Ukraine. This is first known case of Pegasus being used against a Russian journalist.

FIJ Calls for Investigative Journalism Grant Proposals

Source: Fund for Investigative Journalism

The Fund for Investigative Journalism is now accepting grant proposals for groundbreaking stories that uncover wrongdoing in the public or private sector. Grants of up to US$10,000 are available and paid directly to freelancers or media outlets to cover expenses related to reporting, including travel, record and document fees, and paying for journalists' time. The final product can be in print, online, video, radio, book, podcast, or documentary format, but all pieces must be published in English by a US-based media site. (International stories are eligible as long as they have a strong US angle and come from a US-based reporter.)

Ankara Court Blocks Access to VOA Turkish

Source: VOA

Access to the Voice of America (VOA) Turkish website has been blocked following a court order. On August 21, in response to a request from Turkey's media regulator, the Radio and Television Supreme Council (RTUK), Ankara's 9th Criminal Court of Peace issued the ban without holding a hearing. VOA spokesperson Bridget Serchak said the broadcaster has no plans to obtain a license as it “cannot comply with any directive intended to enable censorship.”  Last year, RTUK banned access to VOA Turkish's previous domain name,, for refusing to comply with the regulator's license requirement because of censorship concerns.

Prosecutor Moves to Shutter Kyrgyzstan’s Kloop Media

Source: Kloop

The prosecutor’s office in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan's capital, has filed a lawsuit in city courts to liquidate Kloop Media, an independent news outlet and GIJN member known for its reporting on corruption. According to the prosecutor’s document, the reason for the suit is “the implementation of activities that go beyond the scope provided for by the charter.” However, the document focuses mostly on the "negative impact" of tone of Kloop's publications, such as “sharply criticizing the policies of the current government.” Kloop was founded in 2007, and gained prominence in 2010 when it covered Kyrgyzstan’s revolution.

EU Digital Services Act Goes Into Effect

Source: The Guardian

The EU Digital Services Act has now gone into effect, placing strict new transparency and accountability rules upon major online platforms like Google, Meta, TikTok, and Twitter/X. As of August 25, more than 40 of the largest web platforms must now more carefully safeguard what is seen by users in Europe across a broad range of categories, while honoring fundamental rights like freedom of expression and data protection. According to the new regulations, these tech giants are now more directly responsible for content on their sites — and potentially subject to large fines for violations — and must crack down on breaches of the law related to disinformation.

Record Number of SLAPP Cases in Europe

Source: The Daphne Caruana Galizia Foundation / CASE

The number of nuisance lawsuits filed in Europe last year increased to at least 161, breaking the previous record of 146 set in 2020, according to figures published by The Daphne Caruana Galizia Foundation and the Coalition Against SLAPPs in Europe (CASE). Strategic Lawsuits Against Public Participation (SLAPPs) are “vexatious” lawsuits filed to shut down acts of public participation, including public interest journalism. They can be brought against media companies, journalists, and anyone who works to hold the powerful to account. Individual journalists were most often the targets of SLAPP cases, followed by media outlets, editors, activists, and NGOs.

investigative journalist Ester Blenda Sweden Life in Every Breath book

Member Profiles

Ester Blenda: Sweden’s Trailblazing Undercover Investigative Reporter

Swedish reporter Ester Blenda Nordström went undercover to expose working conditions on rural farms, the difficult journeys of migrants traveling to the United States, and to explore the life of the country’s Indigenous Sami community. In this book excerpt, read about the woman dubbed the country’s first investigative reporter.

Case Studies Member Profiles

Danwatch: How a Danish Investigative Site Exerts Global Reach

GIJN member Danwatch was launched in 2007 by civic groups in Denmark with a focus on both research and journalism. Danwatch has since grown to have one of the largest specialized investigative journalism teams in Denmark, with 13 reporters, one of them based in South America.


GIJC23 conference investigative journalism Gothenburg Sweden


The 13th Global Investigative Journalism Conference (#GIJC23), held in Gothenburg, Sweden from Sept. 19 – 22, 2023, gathered more than 2,100 journalists from 132 countries to hold workshops, share innovative methods, and celebrate a community increasingly facing censorship, corporate hacking, and authoritarian threats. This project is a compendium of GIJN’s coverage of the conference panels.

climate change pledges investigating country commitments oil drilling protest

Climate Accountability

Today, there is plenty of beat reporting and feature writing about the world’s climate crisis. But what’s missing are the investigative journalists, the ones who follow the money and hold corporations and governments accountable for what they have done – and what they haven’t done. GIJN is working to change this. Our Climate Accountability Project […]

War Crimes

We are seeing mounting evidence of war crimes in Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, ranging from attacks on civilians and use of illegal munitions to sexual violence against women and children. In addition to releasing the first reporting guide on this crucial topic in 20 years, GIJN is compiling essential training materials to guide journalists in […]


Resource Video

Investigating Organized Crime in Sub-Saharan Africa

Organized crime and corruption are widespread, deeply rooted and growing in Sub-Saharan Africa, a region with some of the world’s highest rates of poverty and inequality. Powerful criminal groups operate with the help of politicians, government officials and a “criminal services industry”, including corrupt banks. They make their money through the illegal narcotics trade, human […]

Resource Video

Investigating Organized Crime in the Golden Triangle

The Golden Triangle, where the borders of Myanmar, Thailand, and Laos intersect, is one of the world’s renowned centers of criminal activity. The region’s underworld economy turns over billions of dollars annually in narcotics production, human trafficking, wildlife smuggling, illegal mining, and more. Its cross-border illicit networks have global impact, working with criminal groups across […]

Resource Video

What Is Washington Doing in Your Country? – GIJN Masterclass

The US government engages with virtually every country in the world and in multiple ways. These can include Presidential and Congressional activity, foreign assistance, criminal investigations, public and private financial transactions, lobbying, arms sales — and much more. In this online Masterclass, Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Martha Mendoza is in conversation with GIJN’s David Kaplan. Mendoza […]

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How to Investigate the World Cup

Football (soccer to Americans) is the world’s most popular sport and the World Cup one of its highlights, anticipated by millions, even billions around the globe. The next World Cup takes place in November-December this year in Qatar, based on a decision made in 2010 by football’s governing body, FIFA (the International Federation of Football […]