GIJN Webinar — Investigating the Pandemic: Digging into the Data

The global pandemic is producing a tsunami of data, and getting a grip on all the numbers is essential. Data journalism can not only fill out an incomplete story but also reveal hidden issues, and it’s critical to be able to analyze published data, find new data sources and understand how to work with the numbers. GIJN’s latest  webinar, Digging into the Data, part of our series Investigating the Pandemic, offers cutting-edge tips from two leading data journalism experts.

Investigating the Pandemic: A Guide to Sources of Data

GIJN has created a multi-part guide on where to obtain data about the spread of COVID-19 and its consequences. The document links to official and unofficial international sources on health and economic data, links to information on government policy responses, and more than a dozen sites working on pandemic projection modelling.

GIJN Webinar — Investigating the Pandemic: Masterclass on Online Research with Paul Myers

Reporting on the ground and interviewing people face-to-face have become high-risk activities during the COVID-19 pandemic. But there are ways to continue investigative work using your computer and cutting-edge online techniques – critical skills at all times. Join us for this GIJN webinar, Online Research with open source sleuth Paul Myers, part of GIJN’s series Investigating the Pandemic. 

GIJN Webinar — Investigating the Pandemic: Tracking Medicine, Masks and other Supplies

This webinar on COVID-19 Supply Chains, the ninth in GIJN’s series Investigating the Pandemic, focuses on how to follow vital products from their origin to where they are needed. Two extraordinary investigative journalists will share their strategies and tips on how to follow the supply chain trail, and explain why some of the most vulnerable people in society are at risk.