A New Resource for Women Journalists

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Photo: Pixabay / NjoyHarmony

Women muckrakers are breaking important stories around the world, but there are still few female investigative journalists — especially relative to the number of their male colleagues.

We’ve seen the statistics, read the Twitter threads and heard from many women at our global conferences: The obstacles women journalists face in and out of newsrooms can be gender-based, and there are too few networks and resources catering to these issues.

In fact, when we set off to put together our resource page for women in investigative journalism, we were surprised to find a dearth of networks and resources specifically for female muckrakers. So we compiled resources designed for women journalists generally, which could also benefit female investigative reporters.

The #MeToo movement has been a catalyst, motivating different industries to take a long, hard look at discrimination, harassment and violence against women. New journalist organizations and networks have launched around the globe, including in the United Kingdom, Brazil, Cameroon, France and Japan. This is an important development.

We hope this comprehensive list of global resources released just in time for International Women’s Day this week — will help women muckrakers around the world find communities and support to continue the important work of watchdog journalism.

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