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Database Resource

Resources on Health and Medicine

This database is maintained by the Global Investigative Journalism Network (GIJN) and is one of many resources available at our Resource Center. Scroll cursor left and right to see entire table.


GIJN’s Reporting Guides

GIJN has compiled a series of guides and tipsheets for investigative journalists across a broad range of topics.


GIJN Launches Journalism Security Assessment Tool

Increasingly, investigative journalists are being hacked, doxxed, harassed, and assaulted by external threats, so GIJN — with generous support from the Ford Foundation — is proud to launch a first-of-its-kind safety guide for newsrooms at GIJC21: the Journalist Security Assessment Tool (JSAT).


Tracking COVID-19 Contracts: A GIJN Guide and Webinar

How to investigate government spending related to the COVID-19 pandemic is the subject of a new resource from GIJN. Our guide describes how to understand and probe the procurement process and identifies the red flags that may signal fraud and corruption.  

Guide Resource

GIJN’s Guide to Citizen Investigations

Citizens can investigate, and they do — all over the world. Today we’re launching a new GIJN guide to help non-journalists investigate even more. It’s full of techniques used by investigative journalists that will be helpful to citizen investigators, too. These include searching the internet, finding out who owns corporations, investigating politicians, and much more.

GIJN Unveils New Data Journalism Resource 

GIJN’s Data Journalism Resource Center is now reorganized, revised, and expanded. To help guide users, there are now 15 sections, beginning with the best books and tip sheets, working through descriptions of the main tools, and ending with mapping and visualization tools.


A Resource Guide for Indigenous Journalists Doing Investigations

The Global Investigative Journalism Network and the Native American Journalists Association have created a resource to help Indigenous investigative journalists. This unique guide is designed to encourage Indigenous journalists worldwide and to empower them with tips, tools, and sources for information.