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tips gamify investigative journalism

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Tips for Gamifying Your Next Investigation

Gaming and the news have a history, for decades they have been used to increase engagement and reach younger audiences. Here are some tips for getting started with gamification in your next investigation.

Data Journalism News & Analysis

Sigma Awards: 10 Lessons for Data Journalists Around the World

The Sigma Awards celebrate the best in data journalism from around the world. Speaking at the Perugia International Journalism Festival, three of the founders of the award highlighted the best projects of recent years and pointed to what journalists can learn from these data stories.

Member Profiles

CORRECTIV, Germany’s First Nonprofit Newsroom, Leads With Innovative Journalism

CORRECTIV boasts a €4 million annual budget, a staff of 60, and has become one of the world’s largest nonprofit centers for investigative journalism. As founder David Schraven had hoped, the outlet has delivered blockbuster investigations and trained aspiring journalists, as well as staged plays and exhibitions inspired by current affairs that serve to bridge the gap between art and news.

News & Analysis

Five Inspiring Investigative Newsletters

Newsletters are popular because their offering is different from the information that is dangerously filtered and molded by social media giant’s random, opaque algorithms. GIJN has selected five original newsletters that can inspire journalists around the world.

Data Journalism

GIJN’s Data Journalism Top 10: Visualizing the 2018 News Cycle, the History of Football and Sacked Coaches

What’s the global data journalism community tweeting about this week? Our NodeXL #ddj mapping from January 21 to 27 finds @schemadesign and @GoogleTrends teaming up to visualize news cycles in 2018, the @washingtonpost’s flyover tour of the entire US-Mexico border and two interesting football-related visualizations: @ftblsm’s history of football and @NZZ’s analysis of whether football coaches Jose Mourinho and Julen Lopetegui should have been sacked.

Data Journalism

What the Experts Expect for Data Journalism in 2019

With the global spread of data journalism, the advent of artificial intelligence and the increasing use of big data moving alongside a rapid rise of disinformation, GIJN asked data journalism experts around the world what they anticipate for 2019. Here are their thoughts on the major trends, ideas and technologies that will affect how we do our jobs.

Reporting Tools & Tips

10 Ways to Personalize Your News Platform

Is personalization the next revolution in the news industry? John S Knight Journalism Fellow Titus Plattner argues that at a time when more and more news outlets are shifting from an advertising-based revenue model to a subscription based model, personalization is the best way to reinforce the relation to the real client.