New Investigative Tools for Monitoring Social Media Platforms

Social media platforms are among the most difficult sites to scrape for data across the internet. A recent session at NICAR23 unveiled several dynamic new tools — including Junkipedia, a possible CrowdTangle replacement — that can perform a wealth of social media monitoring tasks, from tracking down who is behind harmful ads to identifying conspiracy groups or influencers spreading disinformation. 

Marshall Project data analysis of child detentions at US border

Data Journalism Top 10: Child Detentions at US Border, Slave Journeys, Aztec Iconography, Facebook’s ‘Broken Promises’

This week, our DDJ Top 10 looks at The Marshall Project’s analysis of child detention at the US border, the Baltimore Banner’s in-depth story on the city’s vacant housing crisis. Plus, we dive into stories using historical data to investigate how slavery broke apart families, a flight analysis on the new destinations of the Russian elite, and a look at Facebook’s “broken promises.”

Pesquisa on-line avançada

Paul Myers, um dos principais especialistas internacionais em investigação online, compartilha suas dicas sobre as melhores ferramentas e estratégias para desenterrar informações sobre pessoas.

Saving Journalism 2 - Anya Schiffrin

Saving Journalism, Part One: Finding the Right Funding

In this excerpt from Anya Schiffrin’s latest report on the state of sustainability of journalism, the author discusses how government funding can throw the profession a lifeline in an era where philanthropic efforts to support the press are struggling and Big Tech is increasingly seen as a competitor instead of a platform for news organizations.

Online Advanced Search Techniques

GIJN hosted two webinars in 2021 with Paul Myers, a leading international expert in online investigation. Myers, who works for the BBC and is a popular speaker at GIJN conferences, shared his tips on the best tools and strategies for digging up information about people online.