Drone Journalism

Tips on Drone Journalism by Raffy Tima, a senior news producer and news anchor with GMA Network Manila, Philippines, as presented during GIJC17. Six Tips for Succeeding at Drone Journalism, a guide prepared by Johnny Miller, a Code for Africa News Fellow who specializes in drone photography and reporting. 4  Tips for Better Drone Journalism Stories, by Irene Wangui for the International Journalism Network. Drone Journalism Manual from the Drone Journalism Lab at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln’s College of Journalism and Mass Communications. Experts offer insights into drone innovation An article by Sherry Ricchiardi for the International Journalism Network covers a lot of territory and gives examples, such as a four-part series on the world’s biggest slums called “Unequal Scenes.”

Observations on how we teach drone journalism, by Judd Slivka, Missouri School of Journalism’s first director of aerial journalism.

Drones in Media Bring New Perspectives, Ethical Issues

We’re already seeing the use of drones proliferate across a whole variety of stories — from incredible imagery of the vastness of the natural world to investigations that couldn’t be told with conventional cameras, to views of the inaccessible right under our noses. So how are the drone journalists of the future being trained for their work?

Investigating with Drones, Stone Tablets, and LinkedIn

This video was taken by a drone and then posted on a popular web portal in China. It provides an aerial view of the luxurious home of the son of Zhou Yongkang, the country’s security chief. There’s not much commentary here, just tracking shots of a white, two-story mansion built in the traditional style. But the real evidence showing corruption in the Zhou family wasn’t dug up by drones. Instead, it was names etched on tombstones in a village in China’s Jiangsu Province that allowed reporters to find the corruption trail.