Data Journalism Top 10: Chocolate Box Audit, Vaccine Lineup, COVID-19 Antigen Testing, Scraping Is Not a Crime

As the United Kingdom begins its rollout of the first COVID-19 vaccine this week, the world is watching with bated breath. Our NodeXL #ddj mapping from November 30 to December 6 found Bloomberg tracking the development of nine of the most promising vaccines around the world, The New York Times creating an interactive for Americans to establish where they are in the line before they can get vaccinated, and Spain’s El Pais examining the advantages of using antigen testing for COVID-19 infections. Meanwhile, ITV News’ Stephen Hull did a fun data analysis of the assorted chocolates in a Quality Street tin.

Health and Medicine Guide: Chapter 4


First, Do No Harm. Reporting About Safety
Once a pharmaceutical product — a drug, vaccine, or medical device — has gone through the different testing phases, and the approval process with regulatory agencies, it hits the market and can be prescribed and sold. Serious adverse events can appear when the product is widely used for the first time by real patients. This relates not only to potential flaws in scientific research and problems related to regulatory approval and reporting in scientific journals. It is also sometimes a matter of numbers: If you test safety on 5,000 patients, an adverse event arising in one of 20,000 will become apparent when many more patients use the product.

Health and Medicine Guide: Introduction

This guide focuses on medicines and medical devices. It aims to provide journalists with the tools and knowledge to independently assess the evidence, critically appraise the risk-benefit ratio of any given product or policy, and expose corruption and malpractice. It can be read as a textbook, one chapter at a time, or used selectively to support your work. Investigating behind-the-scenes is consuming but rewarding. As we’ll discuss in Chapter 2, combining the methods and standards of muckraking and Evidence-Based Medicine (EBM) can be highly effective.

Top Ten #DDJ: This Week’s Top Data Journalism

What’s the global #ddj community tweeting about? Our NodeXL mapping from July 10 to 16 has Dwarshuis on the Airbnb takeover of Amsterdam, @blprnt on taking a systems approach to data and @SPIEGELONLINE and @Correctiv_org on Big Pharma’s payments to doctors.

Eight Interactive Investigative Stories To Check Out

Need some inspiration on making your next immersive investigative piece pop? This seriously impressive selection from Latin America includes stories about forced sterilization in Peru, the controversial Belo Monte hydroelectric dam in the Amazon and Big Pharma’s stranglehold in the region.