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Journalists from more than 60 countries join in support for WikiLeaks

4. november 2010 06:18

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Journalists and people from other professions from every region of the world joined together to support the whistle-blowing organization Wikileaks and its founder Julian Assange who, they say, have provided an extraordinary resource for journalists around the world and made “an outstanding contribution to transparency and accountability on the Afghanistan and Iraq Wars”. The journalists organizing this effort continue to support Wikileaks and Assange after the latest release of U.S. State Department documents.

The journalists, many of whom are prominent investigative reporters, come from countries as diverse as Russia and Namibia, and Israel and Indonesia, plus many from European countries and North America. The journalists, who are linked through investigative journalism networks, decided to speak out publicly after watching a growing campaign of threats and unfair criticisms against Assange and Wikileaks.

Following are the statement, the list of signatories and contacts for media inquiries about the statement in different regions of the world.

Jacqueline Fowks  (Peru)
mobile +51 1 9934-67477

Gavin MacFadyen (UK)
cell +44 (0)774 030 4570

Mark Lee Hunter (France)
Portable: (+33) [0]6 27 81 00 87

Nicky Hager (New Zealand)

Lucy Komisar (USA)
212 929-1610


Journalists’ statement on attacks on WikiLeaks

Julian Assange, founder of the whistle-blowing organization Wikileaks, is being angrily criticized and threatened for his part in huge leaks of military documents on the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq (the ‘War Diaries’). He is being accused of irresponsibly releasing confidential military information, of endangering lives of people named in the leaked military reports and even of espionage. Some media organizations have joined in this criticism.

We, journalists and journalist organizations from many countries, express our support for Mr Assange and Wikileaks. We believe that Mr Assange has made an outstanding contribution to transparency and accountability on the Afghanistan and Iraq wars, subjects where transparency and accountability has been severely restricted by government secrecy and media control. He is being attacked for releasing information that should never have been withheld from the public.

We believe Wikileaks had the right to post confidential military documents because it was in the interest of the public to know what was happening. The documents show evidence that the US Government has misled the public about activities in Iraq and Afghanistan and that war crimes may have been committed.

Has Wikileaks endangered lives? There was legitimate criticism of Wikileaks for not vetting the Afghanistan documents fully enough, with some names such as informers being released. Fortunately there is no evidence that anyone has been injured or killed as a result. We note that Wikileaks learned from that mistake and has been much more careful with the Iraq documents. Overall, Wikileaks’ factual reporting of numerous undisputed abuses and crimes is of far greater significance than the widely criticized mistakes over inadequate redacting.

Mr Assange is being personally pressured because of his involvement in the military leaks, including threats of espionage charges. Mr. Assange is no more guilty of espionage than any journalist or any whistleblower.  This is a terrible precedent and one that is contrary to open government.

If it is espionage to publish documents provided by whistle blowers, then every journalist will eventually be guilty of that crime. Mr Assange deserves our support and encouragement in the face of the attacks.

Since it was launched in 2006, Wikileaks has been an extraordinary resource for journalists around the world, furthering transparency at a time when governments are reducing it. Although it is not part of the media, and does not purport to be, its mission of informing the public and reducing unjustified secrecy complements and assists our work. As grateful beneficiaries of Wikileaks and Mr Assange’s work, we stand in support of them at this time.

(This list is now closed for new entries.)


Please note, it may take up to 24 hours for the list to appear updated.

Knut Ivar Aarstein Journalist (Norway)
Bruno Accaoui Press Photographer G.N.S press association Lebanon
Julia Adamson owner Invisiblegirl Records and Music Publishing Ltd UK
Kwabena Agyei-Boahene Free lancer Graphic Communications Group Ghana
Roni Ahmed Free Lancer Myself England
Wong Hong Aik Audit Assistant WKA & Associate Brunei
Massimo A. Alberizzi Africa Correspondent Corriere della Sera (Italy)
Wout Albers Advisor Municipality of Amsterdam the Netherlands
Evandro Alfredo Alexandre Editor Almanakut Brasil Brasil
Brigitte Alfter Freelance journalist Freelance journalist (Canada)
Steven Allen Freelancer Freelancer United Kingdom
Thomas Alling Editor Danish National Broadcasting Corp. (Denmark)
Carol Almeida Reporter Terra Networks Brazil
Agendia Aloysius Freelance journalist Freelance journalist (Cameroon/Sweden)
Flavia Amaral Rezende Journalism Teacher FAAT Brazil
Claire Amos-Thomas Fairfax Australia
Espen Andersen Journalist Investigative journalism unit, Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation (NRK) Norway
Timothy John Anderson Editor (Australia)
Tim Anderson Editor Publisher Australia
Trish Anderton Graduate Assistant Walter Cronkite School of Journalism, Arizona State University USA
Ofiteru Andreea editor Adevarul Romania
Aggelos Andreou Editor 24Media Greece
Heidi Molstad Andresen Journalist The Foundation for Investigative Journalism (SKUP) (Venezuela)
Ana Arana Directora Fundacin MEPI, Periodismo de Investigacin, Tecnologico de Monterrey, Campus Ciudad de Mexico (Mexico)
Justin Arenstein Journalist Forum for African Investigative Reporters (Slovenia)
Moacir Assuno Jornalista Freelance Journalist (Brazil)
Regis Augusto Reporter América FC Brazil
valentina avon free lancer free lancer italy
Wendy Bacon Director Australian Centre for Independent Journalism Australia
Giusy Baioni freelance journalist italian newspapers and reviews Italy
Patrick Bakkenes Graphic Designer AApart The Netherlands
Alexandre Barbe Journalist – France
Alan Bass i.e. School of Journalism, Thompson Rivers University Canada
Catherine Bate Documentary Film Maker Freelance UK
Francis Beckett Author and journalist Freelance UK
Denis Begovic free lancer Rec Solar Scanmodule Sweden
Cindi-Lee Bernard Writer, transcriptionist Self-employed Jamaica
John Berthelsen journalist The Asia Sentinel Hong Kong
Paolo Bertossa Journalist Freelance Journalist (South Korea)
Gunvor Bjerre Journalist Freelance Journalist (Denmark)
Jan-Morten Bjornbakk Reporter Norwegian News Agency (Norway)
Predrag Blagojevic Editor Juzne vesti Serbia
Andrés Boc-Ho free lancer Argentina
Louise Bolotin C-owner/reporter/editor Inside the M60 UK
Werner Borcharding free lancer Whistleblower-Network Germany Germany
Pamela Boston Teacher Private person Sweden
Tricia Bots Journalism teacher, board member Fontys Hogeschool, Dutch-Flemish Association of Investigative Journalists (Netherlands)
Melissa Lirette Boudreaux free lancer GlozzBey USA
Kim Bredesen Freelance journalist Freelance Journalist (Norway)
J. Cholo Brooks CEO & Publisher Global News Network, The Star Newspaper (Liberia)
Jason Brown Industry worker Journalism In Crisis Coalition Cook Islands (global)
Susan Brownmiller Author Freelance Journalist (USA)
pfeiffer bruno Reporter FRANCE
Jane Bryant Director The One Click News Agency United Kingdom
Hans Christoph Buch Writer and journalist Freelance Journalist (Germany)
Thomas Buch-Andersen Journalist Danish National Public Radio (DR-P1) (Denmark)
Dionne Bunsha author/journalist Freelance India
Al Burke Editor Nordic News Network Sweden
Bobby Burner Student HiO Norway
Miguel Caetano free lancer & blogger Remixtures Portugal
Nuray Caglar Free Lancer Miklagard Traqvel Turkey
Kevin Cahill Bureau Chief Global & Western News Bureau, Exeter UK
Matthew Cahn Student University of Colorado USA
Daniel Cainey student Photojournalist University College Falmouth United Kingdom
Can Çakır Freelance writer Blue Jean Magazine Turkey
Stefan Candea Journalist The Romanian Center for Investigative Journalism (Romania)
giuliano capecelatro free lancer many italy
Mark, Cardwell FREE LANCER None United Kingdom
Sergio Carreras Reporter La Voz del Interior Argentina
Jean-Philippe Ceppi Producer Swiss Television, Swiss Investigation Network (South Africa)
maurizio cerino reporter Il Mattino Naples, Italy ITALY
Jose Cervera Reporter, teacher, Universidad Rey Juan Carlos Spain
Omar Suriel Chacon WHISTLEBLOWER Independiente PERU
Jorge Aguirre Charvet Editor Universidad San Francisco de Quito (USFQ) Ecuador
Anup Chowdhury Free Lancer Free Opinion India
Wayson Choy author Member, The Writers Union of Canada Canada
Else Christensen Freelance Journalist Freelance Journalist (Denmark)
alessia cominato free reader my brain italy
Nicoletta Contardi Journalist Freelance Italy
Marc Cooper Author and Journalist Freelance Journalist (USA)
Augusto Cesar Costa free lancer none Brazil
Fabiano Costa Reporter Zero Hora Brazil
Ramón Couso Journalist Europa Press Spain
Staffan Dahllf Freelance reporter Freelance Journalist (Denmark)
Juliana Daibert Reprter Freelance Journalist (Brazil)
Sabrina Dankel Freelance Journalist Freelance Journalist Germany
Helen Darbishire Executive Director Access Info Europe Europe (Madrid headquarters)
Thiago de Araújo Reporter Rede Record/Portal R7 Brazil
Maria Stella R. de Freitas Soares editor ClairvoyanceBlog; Kontroll Telecom Brasil
jeroen de jager reporter nos news the netherlands
Jacquelyn Deal Translator Self-employed USA
Ides Debruyne Executive Director The Pascal Decroos Fund for Investigative Journalism (Belgium)
Donnacha DeLong trainee reporter National Union of Journalists UK
Piet Depuydt Investigative Reporter; Chancellor NRC Handelsblad; Dutch-Flemish Association of Investigative Journalists (Belgium)
Danka Derifaj Investigative reporter NovaTV (Croatia)
Mike Dodds Documentary filmmaker Freelance UK
Aashima Dogra Co Correspondent India/UK
Aashima Dogra Correspondent The Asian Age India/UK
Luiz Carlos Duarte Editor-geral jornal Agora So Paulo (Brazil)
Marko Dunatov reporter Z NET Portal Hrvatska
Peter Dupont Freelance Corelio/EOS/P-Magazine Belgium
Veselin Dzeletovic editor Poeta Serbia
Robert Eagle Executive producer Eagle & Eagle Ltd UK
Jan Elson retired former researcher Granada Televison UK
Abraham Ender Assistant Professor PUENTE 21 Israel
mary eng writer/editor USA
Robert Engel Blogger Netherlands
Christine Evans-Pughe Freelance Journalist freelance UK
Alessandra Fava free lancer il manifesto Italy
Elhadji Souleymane Faye Reporter Agence de presse sénégalaise (APS) SENEGAL
Paul Fein Freelance Journalist Freelance Journalist (USA)
Lucas Ferraz Reporter Folha de S.Paulo (Brazil)
Jose Maria Figueras free lancer free lancer SPAIN
Edmund B Fladung III Photographer Independent Mexico, USA
Martin Forgues Freelance writer Freelance Quebec,Canada
Jacqueline Fowks Reporter IDL-Reporteros (Peru)
Jan (George) Frajkor Assoc. Prof. (Ret.) School of Journalism, Carleton University, Ottowa (Canada)
Ian Fraser financial journalist and lecturer A range of media outlets including the BBC United Kingdom
Andrés Fundunklian reporter La Voz del Interior Argentina
Jan Gunnar Furuly Journalist Aftenposten/SKUP (Norway)
Orlando Gamboa Colombian Freelance Journalist Independent Houston, TX, USA
Frank Garbely Journalist & Documentary Director Freelance Journalist (Switzerland)
fabio gibellino freelance . italy
Natalia Ruiz Giraldo Journalist Freelance Colombia / France
Tony Goldman ex-co-editor diversity-online UK
Henry Gombya Editor-in-Chief Str8talk Chronicle, London (Switzerland)
Ricardo Gonyaely Journalists Protection Programme ARTICLE 19 Mexico
Emmanuel González-Ortega Journalist and blogger free Mexico
Aurore Gorius Editor Free Lance France
Danny Goyette Director Libride Canada
Jocelyn Grange Journalist Freelance France
Peter Griffin Journalist Forbes India India
david guggenberger student Management Center Innsbruck Austria
Brendler Guilherme Reporter Freelance Journalist (Brazil)
Media Hacker journalist/writer France
Nicky Hager Journalist, author Secret Power: New Zealands Role in the International Spy Network (New Zealand)
Johan G. Hahn Free lance journalist / photographer SKIDIZ, GNS, Hahn-Photography Netherlands
Mahtab Haider Senior Current Affairs Editor Independent Television Bangladesh
David Hamilton Writer, Freelance, Blogger Self Tucson (USA)
Per Henrik Hansen Freelance Journalist Freelance Journalist (Denmark)
Staale Hansen Journalist Investigative journalism unit, Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation (NRK) (Norway)
Ben Harper Free Lancer Australia
Jeannie Hartley Singer/ Songwriter & Yoga Teacher Broomfield County Colorado & 24 Hour Fitness Sport United States
Frank Hartzell News reporter and editor Freelance Journalist (USA)
Ing. Bjørn Hascher Editor-in-Chief Lumido Business Media BV The Netherlands
Mansoor Hassan Northwest editor Urdu Times (UK)
Burhan Hassan Project Coordinator Somali Exiled journalists Association (SEJA) Kenya
NICHOLAS HAYES ex editor World in Action ITV UK ITV UK
Jens Egil Heftøy General MAnager The Norwegian foundation for investigative Journalism Norway
Rebecca Helm-Ropelato free lance self USA
Eric Hennekam Journalism teacher Netherlands and Belgium, member Dutch-Flemish Association of Investigative Journalists (Netherlands)
Doug Henwood Editor Left Business Observer (USA)
Thiago Herdy Lana Reporter jornal O Globo (Brazil)
Pablo Hernández-Batista reportero Norte de Ciudad Juarez México
leo herrera retired building contractor retired building contractor for the british army usa
Declan Hill Author The Fix: soccer and organized crime’ (UK)
Isabel Hilton freelance journalist freelance UK
Dwight Hines Member IndyMedia, Investigative Reporters and Editors (USA)
Krister Clausen Hoaas Journalist Bergens Tidende (Norway)
mike hodges writer/director freelance UK
victor hogar informatico spain
kate holcombe editor http// uk
Benjamin Holst Editor Kommunen (Denmark)
Otto Hostettler Journalist Beobachter, Axel Springer (Switzerland)
stan van Houke journalist/writer free lance the netherlands
David House Journalist Freelance USA
Štefan Hríb managing editor W Press a.s. Slovakia
Eric Hulsens free lancer EHUL Belgium
Mark Lee Hunter Author Story-Based Inquiry: A Manual for investigative Journalists, UNESCO 2009 (Denmark)
Trevor Hyett Freeelance Various United Kingdom
David Ibrahim Multimedia journalist Freelance Journalist (Italy)
Doug Ireland U.S. correspondent, International Editor Bakchich magazine (France)andGay City News, New York City (USA)
Peter Ironside POPE Non combatant Australia
Mohamed Ismail Contracts Manager National Engineering Bureau United Arab Emirates
Masayuki Ito director digital creator corp. Japan
Milorad Ivanovic Executive Editor Blic daily, Belgrade (Serbia)
Barbara Iverson Co-publisher (USA)
Santos, Jair Free lancer Several United States of America
Mario Augusto Jakobskind Journalist, Member Council of Brazilian Press Association/ABI (Brazil)
Mike Jempson Director The MediaWise Trust UK
Andrew Jennings Freelance Freelance UK
Solveig Gram Jensen Freelance Freelance Journalist (France)
Stephon Johnson Reporter New York Amsterdam News United States
Don Jordan Writer and film maker Self United Kingodm
Raymond Joseph freelance Journalist Southern Tip Media South Africa
Asbjrn Slot Jrgensen Journalist Associate Professor Danish School of Media and Journalism (Denmark)
Jime, Juares free lancer free lancer United States
Martin Jumbam Freelancer Freelancer Cameroon
Tommy Kaas editor and external lecturer Kaas & Mulvad and Roskilde University (Denmark)
Aleksandr Kalinin Founder Комитет по Голове Безопасности Ukraine
tamara kaliterna journalist free lancer serbia
Harriet Karlstrom Free-lance reporter. 25 years in public service in Sweden Formerly Swedish Broadcasting Company. Sweden
Kruno Kartus journalist Croatian Environmental Press Centre Croatia
Henrik Kaufholz Asst. foreign editor and coordinator Politiken, Copenhagen, the network “Scoop (Denmark)
Martin Kaul Journalist Taz – Die Tageszeitung (Germany)
Peter Keiding Journalist Gymnasieskolen Denmark
Stetson Kennedy Investigative journalist, historian, lecturer, fellow Society of Professional Journalists (USA)
Miguel Kerkstra Student TU Delft Netherlands
Richard Key TV producer Freelance UK
Oleg Khomenok Journalist SCOOP (network for investigative journalists in East and Southeastern Europe) coordinator (Ukraine)
Farrukh Khosru Sub-Editor (Business Desk Incharge) The Daily New Nation Bangladesh
Nikola Kitanovic journalist, poet, novelist, artist, critic writer Novo Slovo Serbia
Andreas Klamm Sabaot Journalist Radio TV IBS Liberty (UK)
Sebastian Klemm-Lorenz producer Boodehoo Entertainment Germany
Tim Knight Emmy-winning broadcast journalist, trainer, film-maker Tim Knight + Associates, KnightHawk Communications Inc. Canada
Phillip Knightly Author and journalist Freelance Journalist (UK)
Ginko, Kobayashi Freelance journalist Nikkan Berita and others United Kingdom
Lucy Komisar Investigative journalist (USA)
Udo König Editor, Essayist, Stop The Lisboa Treaty Germany
Ivana Konstantinovic editor B92 Serbia
Dejan Kostic Editor NB Pictures UK
Vladimir Kostic reporter Serbian Center for investigative reporting Serbia
Miroslav Kovacevic webmaster-journalist Dnevnik Serbia
Dragan Kremer journalist free lance Serbia
Stig Kristensen Editor Comicpolis Denmark
Ketil Kristiansen Freelance journalist Freelance Journalist (Norway)
Simon Kruse Foreign correspondent Freelance Journalist (Denmark)
Joke Kujenya Convener Media Mentors (Nigeria)
Alain Lallemand Foreign Correspondent Le Soir (Belgium)
Donna Landry Professor of English, freelance writer, former Washington Post reporter University of Kent UK (US citizen)
Anne Lea Landsted Associate Professor, Centre for Journalism, University of Southern Denmark (Denmark)
Jens-Birger. Lange Chefredakteur IMTuK-Verlag Germany
Stewart Lansley journalist freelance UK
Bjarke Larsen Journalist, publisher Freelance Journalist (Denmark)
Paul Lashmar Investigative journalist and lecturer Brunel University, London (UK)
Maggie Lee Freelance reporter Freelance Journalist (USA)
Laurent Léger journalist Charlie Hebdo France
Alfredo Leite Deputy Editor Jornal de Noticias Portugal
Sasa Lekovic Journalist Investigative Journalism Center (Croatia)
David Leloup Freelance journalist Freelance Journalist (Belgium)
Jay Levin Founder and former Editoir-in-Chief Los Angeles Weekly US
Rger Lindo Journalist La Opinion Newspaper (USA)
Gwen Lister Editor The Namibian (Namibia)
Guadalupe Lizarraga journalist free lancer independent United States
Alessandra Lombardi freelancer l’agone; il villaggio della vela; sabina Italy
Brunella Longo Library and Information Management Specialist – UK
Janis Loureiro reporter Jornal da Manhã Brasil
Wolf Ludwig Media Journalist freelanced Switzerland
Gavin MacFadyen Director Centre for Investigative Journalism, City University, London (UK)
John Mackrell Academic Retired Queen Mary College, University of London UK
Maíra Magro journalist free lancer Brazil
David C. Manchester Publisher, Editor dcmDaily Group USA
Boris Manenti Freelance writer and editor Nouvel Observateur France
Vilmondes, Mariana student freedom Brazil
Mariangela Maritato freelance various Italy
Stacy Marking Writer freelance UK
Humberto Márquez Correspondent Inter Press Service Venezuela
Bill Marsden Reporter The Gazette, Montreal (Canada)
Pamela Martin Chairwoman Chairwoman, Ambassador Luxury Council Texas USA
Martha Solano Martínez Reporter La Prensa (newspaper) Nicaragua
Asteris Masouras Freelance photojournalist Global Voices Online Greece
Barbara Matejcic Freelance journalist Freelance Journalist (Croatia);
Stephen Matenga President Zimbabwe Bird Zimbabwe
Espen Reiss Mathiesen Asst. Professor Univeristy of Stavanger (Norway)
Jan Matthews Editor in chief Freelance Canada
Bruno Pires de Oliveira Mattos Culture Producer Freelance Journalist (Brazil)
Patrick Mayoyo Investigative journalist, Deputy News Editor Daily Nation (Kenya)
Gaure Mdee Free Lancer n/a Tanzania
Didzis Melbiksis freelancer Latvia
Leandro Melito Ferreira Reprter Jornal Brasil Atual (Brazil)
Yossi Melman Journalist Haaretz (Israel)
douglas mesner free lancer united states
Laura Mezzanotte free lance various, specialized in African politics Italy
Gard L. Michalsen Editor SortlandsAvisa (Norway)
Christian Mihr Journalist n-ost Network for Reporting on Eastern Europe (Germany)
Marko Milacic Free Lancer(Amateur), Blogger, Coming soon to Twitter(CourageOfOne) National television of Montenegro Montenegro
Marko Milacic journalist National television of Montenegro Montenegro
David Miller Journalist (UK)
Sasa Milosevic Journalist Freelance Journalist Serbia
Zishaan Mirza Politics Graduate MA University of Reading UK
Marko Misic reporter TV Vijesti Montenegro
Lars Mller Reporter and external lecturer Danish School of Media and Journalism (Denmark)
Andre Monteiro reporter Folha de S.Paulo Brazil
Eve Morris Photographer and freelance writer HT Fotography South Africa
Severino Motta Reporter Braslia (Brazil)
James A Mulick, Phd Professor Ohio State University USA
Collin Mullane Co-founder Australian
Sebastian Müller Blogger le bohémien ( Germany
Nils Mulvad Editor and Assistant Professor Kaas & Mulvad, the Danish School of Media and Journalism (Denmark)
Ozge Mumcu Coordinator Ugur Mumcu Investigative Journalism Foundation Turkey
Shawna Murray MD blogger UMass Medical Center Violent USA
Catherine Neilan Deputy news editor Broadcast UK
Lorenzo, Neri Free lancer, reporter My self Italy
Ricardo Nespoli Journalist Freelance Journalist (Brazil)
A. Lin Neumann editor in chief The Jakarta Globe Indonesia
Xhelal Neziri Editor KOHA E RE, daily newspaper Macedonia
Pino Nicotri free lancer Italy
Bart Nijman Freelance journalist and editor Nijman Media the Netherlands
Nenad Nikolić free lancer Public service Regional Radio Požarevac Serbia
James Nixon Writer UK
Patrick Nolan Journalist Marshall Democrat-News, Marshall Missouri (USA)
Brennan Novak Web Developer Self USA
Mr. Caique NOVIS Editor TV Camara Brazil
Pavel Nurminski Journalist Media Ukraine
Chris O’Dell Cameraman/photographer Freelance Ireland/UK
Thomas O’Dwyer Freelance Various Cyprus
Tom O’Farrell free lance my blog Canada
Özgür Öğret Reporter Hürriyet Daily News and Economic Review Turkey
Douglas Okwatch Investigative Editor The People Daily Kenya
Lars Richard Olsen Journalist Altaposten (Norway)
Lise Olsen Investigative Reporter Freelance Journalist (USA)
Anders R Olsson free lancer Sydsvenskan, GöteborgsPosten, Journalisten Sweden
Dragomir Olujic Oluja Freelance Journalist NUNS Srbija
Dusan Opacic Journalist-free lancer – Serbia
Okke Ornstein Journalist (Netherlands/Panama)
Yosmer Ortega Web editor team helper Venezuela
Fabien Ortiz journalist freelance USA
Adrian O’Sullivan Art Director IAPI Ireland
Isil Oz Reporter Turkish Journal USA
Gabriela Pablos Journalist News Center of United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (Mexico)
Djordje Padejski project coordinator Center for investigative reporting in Serbia Serbia
Nikhil Pahwa Editor MediaNama India
Alia Papageorgiou Editor/Columnist New Europe (Belgium)
Paulette Desormeaux Parra Freelance journalist Freelance Journalist (Chile)
Priti Patnaik Reporter/Freelancer Freelancing for Indian and Swiss publications India
Boris Pavelic reporter
Jrgen Flindt Pedersen Journalist & former managing editor, and former chairman Danish TV2 and the Danish Association for Investigative Journalism (Denmark)
Javier Pérez Writer Punto Radio Spain
Jelena Petanovic free lancer free lancer Serbia
Tracy Phillips Free Lance Online Blog at TYT Website USA
Greg Philo Professor Glasgow University Media Group UK
Bibiana Piene Journalist Norwegian News Agency (Norway)
John Pilger Reporter and Author ITV UK
Jerry Pinto Free-lance journalist Man’s World India
Giovanni Porzio Special Correspondent Panorama Magazine Italy
Krishna Prasad Publisher Sans Serif ( India
Mario Profaca free lancer independent journalist Croatia
Gaure Mdee Psephologist Free Lancer UNDP Tanzania
Priyanka, Pulla Reporter Mint India
Luisa Purchio Haddad Journalist Freelance Journalist (Brazil)
Paul Cristian Radu Journalist The Romanian Center for Investigative Journalism (Romania)
Cedo Rajacic editor-in-chief ArmyInfoForum Serbia
Vijayaratnam Sri Rangan Writer and Freelance Journalist Soziales Netzwerk (Soziologie) Germany
Jan Erik Range Journalist Netmedia (Norway)
Reporters without Borders The research team Reporters without Borders France
Gloria Reyes International Journalist Freelance Journalist (Germany)
Jack Richardson Freelance Self UK
ene riisna journalist retired from ABC Broadcasting News, N ew York , USA USA
Laura Robinson Freelance journalist and member Writers Union of Canada (Canada)
Franc Roddam Director Ziji Productions Ltd UK
Fernando Rodrigues President Brazilian Association for Investigative Journalism (Abraji) (Brazil)
Conrado Romo Writer México
Caroline Rooney Professor University of Kent UK
Alison Rooper tv documentary producer freelance UK
Amanda Rossi Freelance Reporter Freelance Brazil
Madeleine Rossi Free lance reporter Swiss National Radio, Diploweb, Le Courrier Switzerland
Matthew Rothschild Editor The Progressive (USA)
Kirsten Rulf Journalist WDR German Public TV (Germany)
John Ryder Director Silverlake England
Ranganaathan S Trainer ICICI Prudential Life Insurance India
Tariq Saleh correspondent BBC Brasil
CLARE SAMBROOK journalist freelance UK
Sofia Martinez Sanchez free lancer UNAM Mexico
Ricardo Santos Ceo Moonweb Austria
Mitali Saran Freelancer Self-employed India
Armen Sargsyan Broadcast journalist Freelance Journalist (Armenia)
Arindam Sarkar Editor-Special Projects Hindustan Times India
Helmut Sauer office manager free lancer Germany
Claudio Savoia Editor Clarin journal Argentina
Ewald Scharfenberg Journalist and Executive Director Instituto Prensa y Sociedad de Venezuela (USA)
Dr. Dagmar Schatz on behalf of the editorial staff Neue Rheinische Zeitung Germany
Danny Schechter Journalist Media Channel (USA)
eric scherer Journalist France
Patricia Scherer Free lancer Iatros Publishing House Germany
Monique Schijff student journalism SBS6 productions Netherlands
Ben Schiller Freelance journalist (UK)
Jon Shafer Journalist Freelance Journalist (USA)
Anna Sharogradskaya Director Regional Press Institute, Saint Petersburg (Russia)
Joe Shea Editor-in-Chief (USA)
Vineeta Shetty Freelance TechWeb India
Hyonhee Shin Business reporter The Korea Herald (South Africa)
Jasmine Shoaib Free lancer Free lance South Africa
Martin Short Investigative Journalist, Author, Documentary Producer Free lancer UK
Yvette Sierra free lancer Journal 2.0, CDR, Viajeros Conservación y Culturas Peru
Marco Sifuentes journalist and blogger La Mula Peru
Leo Sisti Writer and contributing reporter L’Espresso and Il Fatto Quotidiano (Italy)
Claus Sjödin Free lancer – photo-journalist Denmark
Øyvind Bye Skille journalist Norwegian Broadcasting Corp. (NRK) Norway
Mary Slosson Journalist Freelance Journalist (USA)
Margo Smit Freelance investigative reporter and director Dutch-Flemish Association of Investigative Journalists (Netherlands)
Geoffrey Smith Director/Producer Eyeline Films United Kingdom
Marcelo Soares Special Reporter MTV Brazil, Sao Paulo (Brazil)
Barbara Probst Solomon Author and Journalist, Cultural Correspondent El Pas, Spain (USA)
Dubes Sonego Junior Reporter Brasil Economico (Brazil)
Zenone Sovilla REPORTER l’Adige – newspaper – Trento Italy
Katerina Spasovska Assistant Professor, former journalist Western Carolain University (Macedonia)
Maria Sportelli Freelance L’Informatore, Gazzetta dell’Economia Italy
A. Sprakelaar Executive translator TEXTPROZ The Netherlands
Marjanovic Srdjan Editor – serbian edition Germany
Kannan Srinivasan Former Senior Editor Indian Express Publications, Bombay, and Kannan Srinivasan Newsletter (Australia)
Kitty Stapp North American editor Inter Press Service (IPS) (USA)
Sylvia Margret Steinitz Editor-in-Chief Wienerin (Austria)
Charles Stewart cameraman /producer freelance U K
Martin Stoll Journalist SonntagsZeitung (Switzerland)
Terje Storsanden disabled free lance reporter none Norway
Ivan Strasburg Freelance cinematographer TV companies and Movie companies USA
Dominique Strebel Reporter Beobachter (Observer), Axel-Springer (Switzerland)
Carlos Subero Coordinator office in Caracas Diario La Calle (Venezuela)
Drew Sullivan Advising Editor Center for Investigative Reporting, Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project, Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
Kaka Suminta Chairman Indonesia Journalist Forum (Indonesia)
Joy Summers Investigative Television Producer Freelance Journalist (Norway)
Peter Svaar Foreign affairs reporter Norwegian Broadcasting Corp. (NRK) (Lebanon)
Ljiljanka Mitoš Svoboda environmental journalist freelance Croatia
Elvis Tah Buea City Reporter The Post Newspaper (Cameroon)
Foetus TAK Director TAKRIZ Tunisia
Diane Tammes Film-maker Independent Televison United Kingdom
Nadia Tarantini Writer and Journalist Freelance Journalist (Germany)
Darija Tešanović free lancer independant, NGO etc Croatia
Marleen Teugels Journalist-lecturer Freelance Journalist (Belgium)
Daniel Therriault non-fiction screenwriter HBO (Home Box Office) United States
Pia Thordsen Journalist TVSyd (Denmark)
Serena Tinari Journalist RSI – Swiss Television (Switzerland)
Ed Trawtmam publicist Sintricom Brasil
Jeroen Trommelen Investigative journalist de Volkskrant the Netherlands
Stanimir Vaglenov Journalist Bulgarian Investigative Journalism Center (Bulgaria)
Ramon, van Alteren Internet backbone engineer Hyves Netherlands
Jez van Ams Director Door6Stair3 Netherlands
Ingrid Van Daele Investigative Writer; board member Knack; Dutch-Flemish Association of Investigative Journalists (Belgium)
Anne van den Berg senior editor Lumido Business Media The Netherlands
Marcel van Silfhout Investigative Reporter and board member VARA, Netherlands Public TV, and Dutch-Flemish Association of Investigative Journalists (Netherlands)
Federico Vaz Gomez Canal Sur Radio – Granada Hoy – Spain
Morten verbye Founder (Norway)
Marilisa Verti journalist freelance Senza Bavaglio Italy
Milen Vesovic reporter Blic Serbia
Constanza Vieira Correspondent Inter Press Service (IPS) (Colombia)
Pier Angelo Vincenzi Journalist Finegil Editoriale Italy
Sorin Voinea Editor Romania
Annette Vonberg writer free lance Germany
Danica Vucenic author RTV B92 Serbia
Slobodan Vulesevic free-lance CRH BiH
Johannes Wahlström investigative journalist freelance Sweden
Fredrik Walløe Journalist trainee Roehampton University England
Miao Wang student Henan University China
Christian Wangler Retired freelance film maker N/A United Kingdom
Michele Warnet Journalist Les Echos France
Rosie Waterhouse Director, MA in Investigative Journalism, City University London and freelance journalist City University London UK
Patricia West Customer Service Representative PRC, LLC USA
Anne-Frdrique Widmann Journalist; head of the investigation cell, Swiss Television (RTS), (Switzerland)
Paul Wiegers Reader Myself Netherlands
Ian Williams U.S. & UN correspondent Tribune, London (USA)
Anne Williams Programme Director for Photography London College of Communication UK
Darrin Wood Director Nuevo Amanecer Press – Europa United States
Jeta Xharra Director Balkan Investigative Reporting Network Kosovo Kosovo
Dina Yafasova Journalist Freelance Journalist (Denmark)
Denise Zandonadi Reprter Jornal A Gazeta, Vitria, Esprito Santo (Brazil)
Justin Zaremba Reporter North Jersey Media Group USA
Dusan Zdravkovic IT Editor perspekta Serbia
Bla Zgaga Free-lance journalist Freelance Journalist (Slovenia)
Bostonred Vice President Boston Blackie Production US
jeremie photographer saphire photography canada
Santhanam free lancer n.a India
Nabeel consultant blogger Tanzania freelance journalist Belgium
victor informatico hogar españa
matriche reporter self belgium
Ramachandran Freethinking writer unaffiliated India
leili barwick self USA
Tariq international correspondent BBC Brasil

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