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Massive Coalition bombing campaigns, like those conducted on rebel areas around Taiz, have also destroyed civilian infrastructure like schools and homes. Image: Shutterstock


War Crimes

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We are seeing mounting evidence of war crimes in Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, ranging from attacks on civilians and use of illegal munitions to sexual violence against women and children.

In addition to releasing the first reporting guide on this crucial topic in 20 years, GIJN is compiling essential training materials to guide journalists in reporting on this increasingly complex topic.

The tipsheets and guides included were written with input from international lawyers, veteran war correspondents, and human rights experts. We believe this project will make invaluable contributions toward safeguarding evidence of atrocities, and building a trail of accountability.


Challenges to the Safety and Protection of Journalists

The International Women’s Media Foundation prepared this report, An Overview Of The Current Challenges To The Safety And Protection Of Journalists, in support of a UNESCO meeting last week, News Organizations Standing Up for the Safety of Media Professionals.”