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Membership in the Global Investigative Journalism Network is open to nonprofits, NGOs, and educational organizations, or their equivalent, that actively work in support of investigative reporting and related data journalism. Individual journalists, most for-profit businesses, and government entities are not eligible to join.

Investigative journalism is defined as systematic, in-depth, and original research and reporting, often involving the unearthing of secrets and heavy use of public records, with a focus on social justice and accountability. For more on this, please see the GIJN Resource Center.

Membership in the GIJN is by application and is subject to approval by the the Board of Directors. If you think your organization qualifies for membership, please fill out the form at the bottom of the page.

For the purposes of GIJN membership, nonprofit organizations include nonprofit and charitable corporations, membership associations, trusts, NGOs, educational organizations, and university-based journalism programs, or equivalent organizations around the world.

GIJN membership is limited to:

  • Groups that organize investigative journalists into associations and networks.
  • Organizations that sponsor and/or conduct original investigative reporting, either with their own publishing platforms or in partnership with other media, so long as their published or broadcast content includes a significant level of original investigative journalism.
  • Groups, centers and institutions that train investigative journalists as a significant part of their activity.

Prospective members should provide evidence of significant activity in support of investigative journalism through training, promotion, support, reporting, publishing, or broadcasting. As proof that the organization is an on-going entity, GIJN also looks for registration as a nonprofit, full-time staff, an operating budget, and an active website.

Member organizations are expected to participate actively in GIJN, and to uphold the highest levels of journalistic professionalism, including accuracy, independence, transparency, and fairness in their journalism and other activities. There are no dues at this time. Member organizations are encouraged to contribute by sending their staff to the biennial Global Investigative Journalism Conference.

Member organizations which are no longer active or fail to uphold high standards of journalism and nonprofit management are subject to membership revocation by a vote of the Board of Directors.

Thank you,

— The GIJN Team