GIJN Newsletter: Conference Registration, Grants, Awards

Busy months for GIJN. Our just-released newsletter includes the latest on the big Global Investigative Journalism Conference coming to Rio this October, including how to register, apply for a travel grant, and enter awards. You’ll find our call for proposals to host GIJC15 (the conference after Rio), some great resources in our Toolbox section, and a calendar of upcoming events. We’re also happy to report that, thanks to all of you, we’ve tripled traffic on our new website here at, which last month hosted visitors from more than 150 countries – that’s three-quarters of the world.

Why We Need To Tell Stories

So you’ve amassed terabytes of data, reams of documents and hours of expert testimony, all backing up your conclusions. What’s the best way to convince people you’re right?

Tell them a story.

Ideally, a compelling, colorful tale weaving in memorable anecdotes and striking details. Printed in a clear, legible font. Oh, and it helps – no kidding – if it rhymes.

At least according to Nobel-prizewinning economist Daniel Kahneman, author of the outstanding Thinking, Fast and Slow, who’s made a career out of understanding – experimentally – how our brains take in information and make decisions. It isn’t always pretty, but it does help explain why storytelling is a centuries-old means of passing on information.

Global Network News — Sept. 2012

GIJN is growing! Since July the Global Network has expanded by 30 percent–we now represent 60 groups in 35 countries. Our membership includes investigative reporting centers, professional associations, and grant-making bodies.

Global Network News: Growing Networks, Fundraising Partnerships, Summer Schools

Growing Networks, Global Reach
Despite tough economic times and often hostile governments, the global investigative reporting community continues to grow and is attracting a new generation of journalists. That was the clear message from two outsized conferences last month in Boston and Hamburg. Investigative Reporters and Editors hosted its largest conference in years, drawing an enthusiastic 1200 people to Boston in mid-June. GIJN’s secretariat worked closely with IRE to bring journalists from a record 42 countries to the conference. Among the groups represented: Consejo de Redaccion (Colombia), Gravande Journalister (Sweden), Netzwerk Recherche (Germany), and SKUP (Norway) as well as journalists from Brazil, China, Tunisia, and Zimbabwe.

Welcome to Global Network News

Next Global Conference in Rio
Big plans are underway for the next Global Investigative Journalism Conference, scheduled for Rio de Janeiro October 12-15, 2013. This will be our eighth global conference since 2001 – and the first in the southern hemisphere. For GIJC13, the Global Network is partnering with two great organizations: local host Abraji and Lima, Peru-based IPYS. The event will combine three conferences: Abraji’s national congress, IPYS’s Latin America investigative conference (COLPIN), and the GIJC. The combined conference should be the world’s largest ever gathering of investigative journalists.