One thought on “Investigative Journalism in the V4: How Polish, Hungarian, Slovak and Czech Reporters Work Together

  1. Gazeta Wyborcza, Rzeczpospolita, Newsweek Polska, TVN – a broad range of one viewpoint!! It might be interesting to muse on why precisely Donald Tusk forced half of the reporters at Rzeczpospolita to leave their jobs …
    It would also be intriguing to sketch out where TVN’s initial financing came from and who set it up.
    Yes, the carving up of the media between post-Communists and German Big Business which struck its business deal with the post-Communists is a murky business … and one which left little space for plurality of viewpoints for a generation.
    And, seeing as Soros was mentioned, he’s a big funder of Gazeta Wyborcza and Radio ZET.
    All these investigative journalists … so much to investigate but there’s no money to investigate them or their history 🙂

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