Document of the Day: Online Pest Control for Journalists

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Unfortunately, it’s becoming easier and easier to harass journalists online through the use of technology such as bots, with the intent to intimidate and silence truth-tellers. These attacks can be relentless and are also increasing in scale. If left unchecked, such a barrage of insults can be a real threat to a journalist’s mental health and reputation.

To deal with these online “pests,” TrollBusters created an “Online Pest Control” infographic for writers, journalists and their newsrooms. It offers suggestions and clear steps on how to deal with various types of cyberviolence ranging from doxing to sexually explicit photos, as well as threats — both explicit and implied. TrollBusters also prepared a digital hygiene course with 16 key points to help journalists prevent online harassment before it starts.

You can download the infographic in tabloid or mobile version. It is also available in Hindi, Russian, Spanish and Turkish.

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