‘100Reporters’ Web site launches

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100Reporters, a groundbreaking new Web site that joins top journalists from around the world to write about corruption, is a being launched today. The idea of former New York Times reporters Diana Jean Schemo and Philip Shenon, the site is aimed at filling a void in the current media landscape by reporting primarily on corruption and accountability in politics, business and governments.

In making the announcement, executive editor Diana Jean Schemo said, “For the first time, we’re bringing together professional reporters and citizens in a new partnership to expose graft and corruption in the United States and around the world. 100Reporters will cover corruption not as an isolated episode, but as an ongoing story with lasting implications. Whether talking about hunger in Somalia or uprisings in the Arab world or the revolving doors of Washington, the most important stories of our day tie into corruption. 100Reporters exists to bring those connections to light.”

To read the rest of the press release click here

To see the 100Reporters website click here

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