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Past event

GIJN Webinar: Investigating the Israel-Hamas Conflict
30 April 2024

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WEBINAR Investigating Elections Threat from AI Audio Deepfakes

Past event

Webinar: Investigating Elections: Threat from AI Audio Deepfakes
9 April 2024

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Past event

Webinar: Investigative Journalism and Digital Threats in 2024 Elections
19 March 2024

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Webinar: The Investigative Agenda for Climate Change Journalism
6 February 2024

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Past event

Webinar: Investigating War Crimes
28 November 2023

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Tips Increasing impact investigations

Methodology Reporting Tools & Tips

Tips to Amplify Investigative Impact

Impact experts say there are several ways to help direct the attention of change-makers — as well as other media — to your key findings, and even nudge them to action.

GIJN Webinar: Investigating the War in Ukraine One Year On

In this GIJN webinar, we bring together four senior investigative journalists who have investigated the war in Ukraine. They will offer tips, tools and advice on how to cover this particular conflict — but also what they have learned about integrating different investigative methods.