GIJN’s Global Guide to Freedom of Information: FOI Tips and Tricks

This is part one of our three part series: GIJN’s Global Guide to Freedom of Information. FOI Tips and Tricks offers a round up of expert advice from around the world. 

Nobody pretends that it’s easy or always productive to exercise the right to information. But the return on investment can be very positive. To help make the challenge less daunting, some of those who have climbed the FOI mountain have left maps of their journeys. Because national laws vary in detail, giving generic advice on FOI is a bit tricky.

The Research Desk: A Roundup of Tips & Tools from IRE 2015

I am back from Philadelphia, where I attended my first annual conference of Investigative Reporters and Editors, the world’s largest and oldest association of investigative journalists. The conference featured plenty of research resources and other useful online tools. Here’s a roundup featuring some of the highlights.