New Investigative Tools for Monitoring Social Media Platforms

Social media platforms are among the most difficult sites to scrape for data across the internet. A recent session at NICAR23 unveiled several dynamic new tools — including Junkipedia, a possible CrowdTangle replacement — that can perform a wealth of social media monitoring tasks, from tracking down who is behind harmful ads to identifying conspiracy groups or influencers spreading disinformation. 

Фемицид в Европе

Топ-10 DDJ: Предвзятость алгоритмов, карта фемицида и cупермен-бисексуал

Убийства женщин в Европе, калькулятор для планирования поездок на электромобиле, ошибки алгоритмов, финалисты премии Sigma Awards, мультимедийный проект о пропавших без вести мигрантах из Кубы и данные о проблемах съёмного жилья в Испании и Шотландии.

Q & A: Investigating TikTok Content Across the Russia-Ukraine Border

To investigate what the Russian invasion looked like to TikTok users in Russia and Ukraine, and how the content available differed from one side of the border to the other, a team of journalists from the Norwegian broadcasting company NRK set out to investigate the social networking site’s algorithms and how a user’s location provides differing digital narratives about the war.

Data Journalism Top 10: Remembering 9/11, TikTok Sex & Drugs, Global Forest Fires, Indigenous Schools

Tracking the most popular data journalism stories on Twitter from September 6 to September 13, we found a visual project by the South China Morning Post explaining the global impact of the deadliest terrorist attack on American soil in US history, a Guardian investigation into the history of Canada’s residential schools, and a video project by Le Monde exploring the recent history of forest fires around the world.

Data Journalism Top 10: Tokyo Olympics, Sand Mining, Elder Care, Russia’s Forests, TikTok’s Algorithm

Our NodeXL mapping from July 19 to 25, which tracks the most popular data journalism stories on Twitter each week, found imaginative data-driven coverage of the Olympics by The Washington Post, The New York Times, and other major outlets. In this edition, we also feature a piece by Reuters Graphics on how a Chinese lake has been decimated by sand mining, a cross-border investigation into the billion Euro business of elder care, and a deep dive into TikTok’s secretive algorithm by The Wall Street Journal.

Online Advanced Search Techniques


Updated in March 2022

GIJN hosted two webinars in 2021 with Paul Myers, a leading international expert in online investigation. Myers, who works for the BBC and is a popular speaker at GIJN conferences, shared his tips on the best tools and strategies for digging up information about people online.