Reporters Without Borders Releases Press Freedom Index

Reporters Without Borders today released its 2014 World Press Freedom Index, spotlighting major declines in media freedom in such varied countries as the United States, Central African Republic, and Guatemala while noting marked improvements in Ecuador, Bolivia, and South Africa. The same trio of Finland, Netherlands, and Norway heads the index again, while Turkmenistan, North Korea and Eritrea continue to be the biggest information black holes, again occupying the last three positions. You can find RSF’s full index and a 3-dimensional map here. The report is also available in several languages other than English.

An Online Survival Kit from Reporters Without Borders

How can you protect yourself from online snooping? Reporters Without Borders has published an Online Survival Kit on its website with tools and practical advice that will help protect your communications and data. As the website explains, “The tools and techniques presented in this kit do not require advanced knowledge of computers and programming.” In other words, you don’t need to be an IT engineer to protect your emails and stay anonymous online.
The Reporters Without Borders Digital Survival Kit is available in French, English, Arabic, Russian, and Chinese, and is published under a Creative Commons license.