Mobile Journalism Guide: How To Get Your Mojo Workin’

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COVID-19 Update: Reporting during the pandemic poses some new risks. Here are some relevant resources. 

Marc Settle, a BBC Academy smartphone trainer, prepared this article: Coronavirus’ impact on mobile journalism

Nico Piro, mobile journalism trainer and special correspondent at Italy’s RAI, shared lessons here: Lessons from Italy: best practices for field reporting during the coronavirus lockdown

Mojo Workin’ is a GIJN column about creating stories using mobile devices. Our expert is Ivo Burum, an Australian-based journalist and award-winning television, writer, director, executive producer with more than 30 years of experience. Burum has been a regular speaker at GIJN conferences and runs a website, SmartMojo. At GIJN”s 2019 conference, Burum presented MOJO Unpacked – the 20 Most Asked Questions.

GIJN’s Top Reads for 2017

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