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Saving Journalism, Part Three: The Future of Investigative Reporting

Investigative journalists face extraordinary challenges, with legal and physical threats, growing surveillance, online trolls, and a financial model that’s all but collapsed. Now add to that a global pandemic and a backlash against democracy and independent media, and you can see our field is under tremendous pressure.

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Why Investigative Journalism Needs Our Help

The Boston Globe’s Spotlight team’s exposé on sexual abuse of minors by clergymen made a huge difference – worldwide, the Vatican defrocked more than 800 priests, laws were changed to better protect children and a lot of victims received help, counseling and money. Now, as finances of the news business are crumbling, reporters need help too. Because without the support of the public, investigations that should be done – like Spotlight’s – will not get done.

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The Road Ahead: Int’l Media Assistance under Trump

The post-election Presidential transition in the United States has raised many questions and concerns among the international development community about the future direction of funding for and engagement with overseas media and democracy assistance. Here, three experts offer their views about the potential for major cuts in funding and politicization of international media support.