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9 Essential Mapping Tools for Journalists in 2022

Learning to make appealing and informative maps to support your investigative journalism is well worth doing. The good news is that there are significantly more mapping tools available today than there were five years ago and many of them have become very powerful.


How Environmental Journalists Can Use NASA’s New Landsat 9 Satellite

NASA’S Landsat 9 satellite went into orbit on September 27. After about three months of shakedown and calibration, it will be regularly downloading data to anyone who asks. It can show trends in deforestation (or afforestation or reforestation), forest health, agricultural crops, coastal erosion, drought and flooding, and more.

Reporting Tools & Tips

How to Expose Lies from the Skies Using Satellites and Drones

In a GIJC21 session on using maps and satellite imagery for investigations, three experts explained their approaches to analyzing satellite and drone images, and using open source tools. One of the innovative techniques described led to a Pulitzer Prize this year — for exposing China’s network of Muslim detention centers — while another exposed government deception about fires in the Amazon, and a third literally put a vulnerable community in Africa on the map.


My Favorite Tools with Freelance Journalist Théo Englebert

For the latest installment of GIJN’s My Favorite Tools series, we spoke with French freelance reporter Théo Englebert, who drew acclaim last year for revealing that Rwandan colonel Aloys Ntiwiragabo, who is suspected of participating in that country’s 1994 genocide, had been living in France for at least 14 years.