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Local journalism

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News & Analysis

Aggressive Reporting, Fierce Writing, and FOI Requests: How a Small Town Editor Won a Pulitzer

When Jeff Gerritt first started asking questions about deaths in Texas jails, he was told “it’s not news for someone to die in county jail.” But his reporting and the Op Ed pieces that resulted from it led to a Pulitzer Prize, a rare win for a scrappy thrice-weekly paper in an era where the journalism industry is seeing increasing cutbacks and layoffs.

Case Studies

How Partnerships are Boosting Local Investigative Journalism

With the cost of investigative journalism untenable for too many struggling newsrooms, how are they able to play the role of watchdogs and hold local public officials accountable? New models, replicating global collaborations like the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists, may be the answer. Marthe Rubio, the editor of GIJN in French, spoke with editors heading these initiatives in France and the UK.