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INK Centre for Investigative Journalism

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Safety & Security

Why Small Investigative Outlets Lead the Way on Newsroom Digital Safety

Some of the most significant progress in newsroom information security over the past decade has been in smaller, more recently-formed digital startups — many of them investigative outlets. They are proving they can effectively incorporate strong information security strategies into their highly adaptive and responsive workflows.

Reporting Tools & Tips

My Favorite Tools: Joel Konopo

For our series about journalists’ favorite tools, we spoke with Joel Konopo of Botswana’s INK Centre for Investigative Journalism. He told GIJN’s Olivier Holmey all about how he uses satellite images to expose corruption, Cryptomator to encrypt sensitive files, and lots more.

Member Profiles

Mobile-First and Local Language: Innovative INK Spreads Investigative Journalism in Botswana

Two investigative editors took huge pay cuts to launch Botswana’s first nonprofit newsroom. A year later, they took another, temporary cut just to pay for a single satellite image that proved that the country’s president had abused state funds to build a private lodge. Here’s Rowan Philp on the INK Centre for Investigative Journalism for GIJN’s member series.

News & Analysis

Want to Change How Investigative Journalism is Done in Africa? Here are 14 Recommendations

More than 10 years ago, the first nonprofit investigative journalism organization in Africa was established. More than 20 countries throughout the continent now have similar units. What are the motivating factors behind the proliferation of these organizations on the continent? Who is funding them and how? And are these organizations making an impact in Africa? Ntibinyane Ntibinyane rounded up 14 recommendations for GIJN based on his recent study for the Reuters Institute at Oxford University.

News & Analysis

GIJN Members in the News

It’s been a busy first quarter of 2017 for GIJN members — from picking up Pulitzer Prizes to launching crowdfunding campaigns. There have also been new projects and new collaborations forged. Here are some noteworthy splashes made by GIJN members around the world.

News & Analysis

Notes from Africa’s Investigative “Frontline”

The first Southern African Investigative Journalism Conference in Botswana took place in that country’s capital Gaborone from October 7-8 this month. About 175 journalists from 10 countries participated in the event, which featured talks ranging from the dangers of reporting on corruption and the Panama Papers in Africa to personal testimonies of reporters who have faced persecution and threats of violence for their reporting.