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Data Journalism

Data Journalism Top 10: The Taliban’s March, Border Walls Quadruple, Kenyan Corruption, White Men Like the Office

Two decades after US-led troops invaded Afghanistan to topple the Taliban regime, the organization has retaken control of the country. Our NodeXL mapping from August 9 to 15, found an animated map by the Financial Times showing how the Taliban captured various districts across the country before surging into the capital Kabul earlier this week. In this edition, we also feature an investigation into America’s diabetes crisis by Reuters, a look into Lionel Messi’s legacy at Barcelona by The Economist, and a piece on the history of data journalism by the Guardian.

Data Journalism

Data Journalism Top 10: COVID-19’s Spread, Death Rates, and Curve Flattening; The Shape of Dreams; Transphobia Tracking

The attention of the global data journalism community remains very much tuned in to the developing COVID-19 pandemic, which is reflected in our NodeXL #ddj mapping from March 16 to 22. The New York Times mapped the movements of millions of people to trace how the virus spread out from China, The Financial Times tracked how coronavirus case trajectories compare among countries, while Robert Kosara explains the brilliance of a “Flatten the Curve” cartoon.

Data Journalism

GIJN’s Data Journalism Top 10: Footballers’ Salaries, Google Trends and Gender Bias with Pudding

What’s the global data journalism community tweeting about this week? Our NodeXL #ddj mapping from July 9 to 15 finds @morgenpost’s interactive slider showing how fast a German national footballer earns your monthly salary, tons of interesting Google search data in its @GoogleTrends data store, @durand101 and @puddingvizgender exposing bias in the UK House of Commons and @EdjNet offering a search engine for 800,000 EU datasets.