My Favorite Tools: Venezuela’s Lisseth Boon on Design and Data Visualization

Since her arrival at, Lisseth Boon has conducted investigations on human rights violations, gold trafficking, illegal mining, and environmental crimes, many of them recognized with national and international awards. Her team has also worked with media platforms both inside and outside of Venezuela such as Consejo de Redacción and Connectas in Colombia, Convoca in Perú, and Mongabay. It has also participated in transnational collaborative projects such as the Panama Papers, Fincen Files, Swiss Connection, Lava Jato (Operation Car Wash), Vigila La Pandemia, and Tierra de Resistencia.

Illegal Wildlife Trafficking: Chapter 4

Supply chains connect wildlife suppliers to end users. However, there is too much focus on poaching and not enough on trafficking, according to Andrea Crosta, executive director of Earth League International, an NGO that investigates wildlife crime and runs WildLeaks. “We know what happens at poaching level and at the end of the supply change,” Crosta said, but “little” about “the middle.” 

It’s a big challenge. A range of investigative skills are necessary. To delve into trafficking routes, consider cultivating sources in the transportation world, such as customs agents, freight handlers, and truckers.