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News & Analysis

Q & A: Turning Our Tinder Swindler Investigation into a Netflix Hit

What does it feel like when Netflix calls to ask about turning your investigation into a documentary for a global audience? We speak to two of the Norwegian journalists behind The Tinder Swindler investigation to ask how they navigated the process and how they felt seeing their story appear on one of the world’s largest streaming platforms.

Best Oscar Documentaries 2022

News & Analysis

What to Watch: Oscar-Nominated Feature Documentaries

The 2022 Academy Award nominees for Best Documentary explore a range of global topics, including a forgotten celebration of US Black cultural history, the long-term psychic toll refugees can suffer from human trafficking, and an in-depth look at a groundbreaking investigative journalism project.

News & Analysis

What to Watch: Shortlisted Oscar-Nominated Documentaries in 2021

From the story of an 80-year-old spy in a Chilean nursing home to a whole family fighting the criminal justice system in the US state of Louisiana, 15 documentaries produced under tough pandemic conditions will advance in the Documentary Feature category of the 93rd Academy Awards. 

Case Studies

Exposing Chaos and Repression in Wuhan with User-Generated Content

An Australian documentary team used user-generated footage to create a film about Wuhan, the city at the epicenter of China’s COVID-19 outbreak. They used clips filmed on mobile phones that showed people with the virus being dragged into vans by police, and bodies left on the street and on hospital floors, using different tools to verify the material.

GIJN Webinar — Collaborating on Long-Form and Documentary TV & Video

In this third GIJN Webinar in our Investigating the Pandemic series, Collaborating on Long-Form and Documentary TV & Video, we bring you a stellar cast of television executives and commissioning editors from RTS in Switzerland, Premières Lignes in France,  BBC Global News, and BBC Arabic and BBC Africa, and from Canada’s CBC — to launch a collaborative platform to support long form television investigations into COVID-19.