Cómo los periodistas de datos revelaron la tasa real de muertes por COVID-19 en Brasil

El periodista de datos Marcelo Soares, con la ayuda de dos ex estudiantes, recogió datos con los que demostró que las muertes por COVID-19, en las ciudades de Brasil, eran mucho más altas de lo que decían las autoridades. Soares creó gráficos interactivos, entre ellos un mapa de temperatura, con el uso de Datawrapper, Flourish, y Google’s Data Studios, y los publicó junto con sus historias en Brazilian Report.

Collaborating to Identify COVID-19’s Victims in New York City

When a team of student journalists realized that thousands of New Yorkers had died due to COVID-19 but had been left out of the obituary pages, they teamed up to create Missing Them, an ambitious collaborative journalism project working to memorialize everyone that died due to COVID-19 in one of the hardest-hit cities in America.

What We’re Reading: Pegasus Spyware Targets Another Journalist, Cybersecurity Reading List, and Capitalizing Black

This week’s Friday 5, where we round up our favorite reads from around the online world in English, includes a report from The Guardian and GIJN member Forbidden Stories about a Moroccan journalist targeted by Pegasus spyware, five books on cybersecurity that you should be reading, and, in the midst of the global Black Lives Matter movement, AP Stylebook’s decision to capitalize Black.

COVID-19’s Toll on Journalists: At Least 64 Dead in 24 Countries

Like health professionals, care givers, and other essential workers, journalists face heightened and grave health risks as they pursue crucial stories on the COVID-19 crisis. But measuring coronavirus deaths among media workers poses many of the same problems as counting true mortality figures in the general population. The Press Emblem Campaign (PEC), a nonprofit focused on press freedom, recorded 64 deaths in 24 countries by May 5.