Oportunidades (y desafíos) que ha traído la pandemia para los medios independientes de América Latina

En el foro virtual “Periodismo independiente, monetización y emprendimiento” que forma parte de la iniciativa #CharlasGIJN, organizada por la Red Global de Periodismo de Investigación, líderes de medios compartieron sus experiencias y se centraron en que las oportunidades y alternativas abundan, incluso en los contextos más difíciles y adversos como los de una pandemia.

Lava Jato: A Case Study in Cross-Border Investigation

What appeared to be a case of money laundering done through a network of laundromats and car washes turned out to be the largest corruption network in Brazilian history, and one that ultimately extended to at least 12 countries. If it weren’t for the collaborative efforts of journalists and media houses across the continent – and into Africa – the whole story could not have been told.

GIJN Welcomes 12 New Members from 11 Countries

The Global Investigative Journalism Network is delighted to welcome to 12 new member organizations this week. Among them are an Indian newsroom famed for its undercover work, a Peruvian data journalism pioneer, a Transylvanian muckraking nonprofit, and the training arm of a top Nigerian investigative daily. We are particularly pleased to welcome for the first time groups from Botswana, in southern Africa; the Himalayan kingdom of Bhutan; and Vietnam in Southeast Asia.