How They Did It: Digging up Zimbabwe’s Gukurahundi Massacre Dossier

Earlier this year, Botswana’s INK Centre for Investigative Journalism tracked down a dossier which detailed the heinous crimes of Gukurahundi — a series of massacres of civilians carried out by the Zimbabwe National Army in the 1980s — which had been kept under lock and key for decades. It was the first time the names of the deceased and blow-by-blow accounts of how the executions were carried out were made available to the public. INK’s Ntibinyane Ntibinyane writes for GIJN on how they did it.

How Satellite Imagery Became an Indispensable — and Easily Accessible — Tool for Journalists

Satellite imagery has become an indispensable tool in journalism, whether it’s for fact-finding or gauging the impact of a particular situation, reporting on climate events or understanding more about conflict zones, Geospatial tech wiz Anusuya Datta breaks down how satellite imagery has become an indispensable tool, sharing resources and providing guidelines for beginners.

GIJN’s Investigative Toolbox: Backgrounding People and Companies

When it comes to doing investigations using online tools, there is no one tool that will answer all of your questions. Instead you’ll most likely need to build slowly towards the answer using a jumble of jigsaw pieces — a name here, a connection there. The good news is that there are dozens of tools that can be used to find the pieces to your puzzle. GIJN’s Alastair Otter has pulled together tools that can be used to help build a profile of someone — or their business.

Boîte à outils: la traque de personnes et d’entreprises

Si vous enquêtez en utilisant des outils numériques, vous vous êtes rapidement rendu compte qu’il n’y en avait pas un seul qui résolvait tous vos problèmes. En revanche, vous avez probablement trouvé une réponse à vos questions petit à petit, en élaborant un obscur puzzle d’outils complémentaires. La bonne nouvelle, c’est que grâce à internet et aux réseaux sociaux, il y a des dizaines d’outils qui peuvent être utilisés pour trouver les pièces manquant à votre puzzle. Dans cette optique, la boîte à outils pour enquêter de ce mois-ci se focalise sur les plateformes pouvant être utilisées pour traquer des personnes ou des entreprises. Trouver des sources
Le premier outil présenté ce mois ci est peoplefindThor.