Business Tools for Newsrooms: A GIJN Guide

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This guide was produced thanks to support from the Google News Initiative. It was researched and written by Talya Coopera researcher based in New York who has worked as the archivist of the Edward Snowden archive at The Intercept and as archive manager at StoryCorps. She is the co-author, with Alison Macrina, of “Anonymity,” a guide to anti-surveillance and privacy technology for librarians. The guide was edited by Nikolia Apostolou and Reed Richardson. Illustrations created by Sentavio, via Design by Chafiq Sroor.

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Table of Contents / Introduction
Biz Tools Chapter 1 Image - no text
Chapter 1 - Administration and Management
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Chapter 2 - Communication and File Sharing
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Chapter 3 - Accounting and Payments
Biz Tools - Chapter 4 image
Chapter 4 - Analytics and SEO
Biz Tools - Chapter 5 image
Chapter 5 - Audience Engagement
Biz Tools - Chapter 6 image
Chapter 6 - Audiovisual Tools
Biz Tools - Chapter 7 image
Chapter 7 - Content Management Systems
Biz Tools - Chapter 8
Chapter 8 - Donor and Subscriber Management
Biz Tools - Chapter 9 image
Chapter 9 - Design and Data Visualization Tools
Biz Tools - Chapter 10 image
Chapter 10 - Social Media and Email Marketing
Biz Tools - Chapter 11 image
Chapter 11 - Site Security and Password Management