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News & Analysis

GIJN Unveils New Website, Logo Ahead of GIJC23 and 20th Anniversary

After 20 years of existence, it was time for GIJN to revamp both is website and visual identity. Welcome to our new website and new look.

A map of Eastern Europe with dots on capital cities of Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova, Russia, Ukraine.

News & Analysis

New GIJN Translation Project Expands to Eastern Europe, Caucasus

As part of this project, GIJN will work with seven media groups to regionalize GIJN’s global guides and tipsheets, and to compile and add case studies drawn from the included countries.

Reporting Tools & Tips

Digging Up Hidden Data with the Web Inspector

Many reporters never notice the “inspect element” option below the “copy” and save-as” functions in the right-click menu on any webpage related to their investigation. But it turns out that this little-used web inspector tool can dig up a wealth of hidden information from a site’s source code, reveal the raw data behind graphics, and download images and videos that supposedly cannot be saved.