One thought on “Coronavirus May Spell the End for Many of Africa’s Print Newspapers

  1. The way forward for African print newspapers is to have an online operation and maybe a mobile phone app as well.

    The website has to be mobile-friendly as the majority of internet users in Africa use mobile devices followed by desktops and tablets.

    They should still keep a reduced print version as there are a number of people that still like to hold a hard copy of a newspaper.

    I strongly disagree with the journalists who said that it is almost impossible to make money online.

    If you take a look at Vanguard, Punch & The Guardian you would see that they have similar revenue models.

    One of which is selling direct online advertising on their websites.

    Here is a link to their rate cards:

    The other way they make money is with Google Adsense –

    You can tell if they are using Google Adsense by hovering your mouse on some of the banners on their pages and you will that it is a link to

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