Spotlight Movie: A “Hard Sell” but $88m in Global Sales

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Source: Box Office MoJo

Since premiering in the United States in late 2015, the movie Spotlight has been a critical success, earning two Academy Awards (Best Picture, Best Screenplay) and giving journalists around the world a needed boost.

The film has also made money, costing $20 million to make and earning US$88 million in revenue, split almost evenly between U.S. ($45 million) and international sales ($43 million). spotlight 2Outside the U.S., the movie did particularly well in Catholic countries such as Spain, Italy, France, Brazil, and Mexico.

Still, Spotlight’s success is modest compared to such blockbusters as Batman v Superman ($827 million) and The Jungle Book ($291 million).

Even winning top Academy Awards didn’t lift Spotlight too high. Following the Oscars, the movie was the second lowest-grossing Best Picture winner in the last 38 years, according to Box Office Mojo. But the fact that Spotlight was made at all is impressive. Making a movie about reporting on pedophilia was not easy, recalled producer Blye Faust at the Logan Symposium earlier this month. Said Faust: “It was a hard sell.”

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