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Case Studies

A Reporter Crowdsourced ER Bills, and Now Doctors Are Listening

Reporter Sarah Kliff has investigated healthcare billing in the United States by enlisting the help of readers, who sent her thousands of emergency room bills. Beyond writing for Vox and the New York Times, she’s also written about this topic for a professional medical journal that’s read by doctors.

Data Journalism

10 Visualizations About Criminal Justice

Journalists and data experts were busy last year attempting to quantify and analyze the criminal justice machine in the United States. Storybench cut through the noise and pulled out these 10 visualizations that best explain the world of criminal justice.

Reporting Tools & Tips

How Muckrakers Use Crowdsourcing: Case Studies from ProPublica to The Guardian

The creative use of social media has given journalists new ways to solicit tips as well as tap readers’ expertise, opinions and personal experiences. GIJN’s Toby McIntosh has rounded up some of the best examples of community engagement in stories as well as a list of resources and ideas for crowdsourcing.