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GIJC23 – Plane and Ship Tracking

A raft of new tools are helping journalists track shipping and aircraft around the world. The numerous ways to track ships and planes open a whole new range of stories for journalists to investigate, from following billionaires’ private planes to uncovering the details of refugee boats capsizing. ———————– The Global Investigative Journalism Network is an […]

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GIJC23 – Investigative Editing: Best Practices

We know that becoming a great investigative reporter can take years. But what about the editors? It’s no secret that great investigative editors are hard to find. What makes a terrific editor for watchdog journalism? How do they keep their reporters sane, focused, and motivated? What do they do to protect them in the newsroom? […]

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GIJC23 – Indigenous Investigations

According to the UN, over 476 million indigenous people are living in 90 countries. Many are on the front lines defending their lands and cultures, and they have become minorities in their own homes. Here are Indigenous journalists from Canada, Taiwan, and the United States who are using investigative skills to expose issues ranging from […]

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GIJC23 – How to Use Satellite Images for Investigation

Satellite images play a crucial role in many investigations. Reporters are using them to analyze battlefields and war crimes. Eyes from above also are invaluable for many kinds of climate change stories, such as to document methane emissions, drought, and sea level rise. Our expert panelists will discuss many possible opportunities for using satellite images. […]

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GIJC23 – Freelancing Survival Tips

Freelancing is a tough job; investigative freelancing is even harder. But it also brings independence and the ability to pick your projects. Here are tips from journalists from four countries with decades of experience in working on their own. ———————– The Global Investigative Journalism Network is an international association of journalism organizations that support the […]

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GIJC23 – Exiled Media: Survival Strategies

The recent rise of nakedly autocratic regimes has ballooned the number of independent newsrooms forced to report from exile. These watchdogs-in-exile have shown enterprise and innovation in providing critical news to the homeland. But good journalism is not enough. It’s hard enough to succeed in the media back home, but how do exiled media survive […]

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GIJC23 – Don’t Get Stuck in Side Tracks – Get a Plan

In this presentation, we will methodically guide you through the investigative process and show how to succeed with your project without getting lost along the way. Swedish journalists Emma Johansson and Jessica Ziegerer bring years of experience in investigative projects, both as reporters and editors. They work at the regional newspapers Helsingborgs Dagblad and Sydsvenskan, […]

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GIJC23 – Developing a Business Strategy (Part 2)

Did you know that most start-ups fail? That includes well-meaning non-profit news outlets. What’s often missing is a business strategy. Developing a viable and effective business plan is essential for media organizations, a necessary foundation for sustainability and growth — indeed, for an organization’s very survival. Join this workshop to hear how to do it […]

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GIJC23 – Developing a Business Strategy (Part 1)

Investigative journalism can’t survive without sustainable media organizations. Many were hard hit by changing business models and the loss of advertising revenue, and then the media was hit again during the pandemic, despite record-breaking audiences. What revenue options are currently the most viable and why, and how do we develop methods that will lead to […]

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GIJC23 – Dealing with Online Harassment

Online harassment of investigative journalists who identify as women has reached crisis proportions. In addition to gendered trolling, discrimination, and doxxing, women reporters are disproportionately the targets of intimidation and even direct physical threats on social media. See this experienced and courageous panel to learn about the effective resources that now exist to not only […]