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Why Foreign Funding of Philippines Media Isn’t the Problem

Once one of Asia’s freest media, the Philippines’ independent news outlets are under sustained attack by President Rodrigo Duterte and his allies, ranging from legal and political assaults to harassment by armies of online trolls. Pro-Duterte columnists are now attacking the modest funding that the country’s media nonprofits receive from overseas, claiming, without evidence, that they are part of a foreign plot to oust Duterte. In this powerful rebuttal, Sheila Coronel, a co-founder of the Philippines Center for Investigative Journalism, takes on the lies and misinformation behind the campaign. 

Why We’re Heading to Asia

In just over two weeks we’ll convene Uncovering Asia, the region’s first investigative journalism conference. We’ve got an extraordinary array of the best journalists from Japan to Pakistan heading to Manila for what will be a World’s Fair of muckraking from Nov. 22-24. So why is GIJN heading to Asia? That’s easy. It’s where 60% of humanity lives, and the demand for watchdog reporting is enormous. The region has long been the weak link in our global community of investigative journalists — but that’s changing quickly.

Registration Opens for Uncovering Asia Conference!

Come join us in Manila! Registration is now open for Asia’s groundbreaking first investigative journalism conference, November 22-24. Check out our new conference site, put together by GIJN and its partners, the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung and Philippine Center for Investigative Journalism. We have speakers from more than 15 countries and state-of-the-art panels on digging out hidden facts online, tracking money across borders, cutting-edge data analysis, funding your investigation, and much more.