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National Geographic

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What the Experts Say: Tips on Investigating Illegal Wildlife Trafficking

GIJN invited journalists and activists to answer one key question about reporting on illegal wildlife trafficking: What stories should investigative journalists interested in this subject concentrate on? From the trafficking of less-noticed animals to bushmeat and investigating the zoonotic diseases that can pass between humans and animals, read their answers based on years in the field, in this story.

Case Studies

How One Reporter Uncovered the US Role in a Mexico Massacre

In 2011, Miguel Ángel Treviño and his brother Omar, two of the most wanted drug kingpins in Mexico, sent members of the criminal syndicate Zetas to murder and disappear entire families in Allende, Mexico. ProPublica’s Ginger Thompson spent two years investigating the role of the US Drug Enforcement Administration in the massacre by gaining the trust of the citizens in the town.

Data Journalism

Top Ten #ddj: The Week’s Most Popular Data Journalism Links

Here are the hottest data journalism tweets for Jan 23-29, per our NodeXL mapping: 100 Years of infographics (@NatGeoMag); Trump’s wall size (@thetruesize); Women’s March (@womensmarch); journocoding (@journocode); dataset viz 25 ways (@flowingdata); dataviz stocktake (@eagereyes); & more.