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How Mission-Driven News Sites Are Betting on Reader Revenue in Latin America

For digital-first news outlets in Latin America, lessons learned from reader-funding experiments are being transformed into highly tailored membership programs that offer a chance at a more sustainable future. Independent, mission-driven or subject-specific news sites, in particular, are leading the way, converting close relationships with audiences into funding through editorially-linked, labor-intensive initiatives.

Investigating Forest Fires Amid a Data Vacuum in Venezuela

In March 2020, environmental journalist Helena Carpio, leaned out of her window to see Caracas filled with smoke. Something was burning, but no one knew where and there was no official news on what was happening. She started to investigate, and the resulting project analyzed two decades of satellite data on hotspots to explore the when, where, and why of forest fires in Venezuela and across Latin America.

#CharlasGIJN: Periodismo de investigación en comunidades indígenas

En el foro virtual de GIJN en español “Periodismo de investigación en comunidades indígenas”, el primero del año de la serie #CharlasGIJN, reunimos a periodistas en Perú, México, Ecuador, Argentina y Colombia, quienes compartirán sus experiencias profesionales y brindarán consejos para poder trabajar haciendo periodismo de investigación innovador en comunidades indígenas.